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A Taste of Campus Life


John Belushi in 'Animal House'

Do you know this man? 

The answer is probably not. This man is John Belushi, star of Animal House. He is perhaps the very essence of American college life.  Just like Ewan McGregor’s iconic Trainspotting poster is peppered across the walls of every UK student flat, this man can claim the same honour across the pond. He is the stereotypical frat boy.

The UK and USA college experiences do differ and campus life in the States will also be vastly different between schools. 50,000 student state schools in California will have a different feel than a liberal private arts school in Delaware or a Mormon school in Utah. Whatever type of campus experience you are after, there will be a school out there that can provide it!

However, one constant will be the presence of Greek Life, or more commonly known as Fraternities and Sororities, for males and females respectively.  They are formal organizations with strict entrance criteria that represent, at least to themselves, the social hub of campus life from themed toga parties to community endeavors.

Can I see some I.D please?

While we do not condone underage or overzealous drinking habits, the drinking age of 21 is an issue. As a graduate student you will be of legal age when you arrive, but undergraduates who are used to partying at weekends in the UK, will have to wait another three years before they legally have the same privileges in the US. It is a minor detail but certainly not one worth getting into disciplinary trouble with the college and athletics department over. As a result, your ‘Freshers’ week will be a little more tame than it would had you stayed at home.

Campus Location

Unlike many UK universities, the majority of US colleges are campus based.  Many of the large state schools are located in small provincial towns much like Loughborough. Texas A&M is located in College Station, Oklahoma State in Stillwater and Penn State in University Park, far from the hustle and bustle of large city life.  The college is the focus of these towns and as a result, it can really enhance the student experience.  If you want more of a big city environment, then make sure your college can offer that.


Sports enthusiasm

One of the biggest differences between the two systems is the integration of sport into day-to-day life.  2010 NCAA Football Champions, Alabama, can boast a football (American) stadium with 92,000 capacity. This however can only scrape them a place in the top ten stadiums by capacity, despite being larger than any football stadium in the British Isles.  We believe the popularity of college sport is the result of the professional franchised leagues such as NBA, NFL and MLB. These franchised outfits can up sticks and relocate to the other side of the country in a manner that would leave MK Dons embarrassed. The result is a regulated enthusiasm for these teams from the public. In our experiences, college sport provides the American public with a dependable and consistent sporting outlet, and in our view, a more exciting and passionate one too.  Our advice; get involved in the festivities and join the tailgate. Some schools do not have (US) football programs, but many will then concentrate their efforts on another sport.  Butler’s lack of a football team is more than redeemed by their top-rate basketball squad.

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