Air Travel - USA Athletics Scholarships

To go door to door from home to campus will usually involve a full day of travelling consisting of 1-3 flights (Sometimes more). Travel is one of the major costs involved with an American education and if you know what you are doing when it comes to travel, you can save serious money.

Typically you will have to pay for all transatlantic flights to and from the UK, as well as any personal travelling that you may wish to undertake outside of term time. This is going to cost you money however you do it, but knowing the best places to buy flights can help.

A couple of good websites that we used are:

These are always a good starting point and will give you an idea of roughly how much you should expect to pay for flights.


One of the best ways to save money on travel is through airmiles or loyalty schemes. You can even claim miles when on team trips as they belong to the individual flyer rather than the person who booked them. If and when you do decide to go to the US, then we strongly recommend signing up to all the major airline loyalty programmes before you go. They are all free to join and there is no limit to how many you can be a member of. Typical programmes to join include: (Delta Skymiles) (BA executive club) (AA advantage club) (Continental one pass);jsessionid=8CEFAE3A458B1D97F0AEBF1148651918.web07d.sc9 (Virgin elevate) (Southwest rapid rewards – US internal only)

All of these airlines offer free or discounted flights if you fly with them enough, and over the course of a couple of years you will have no problem generating plenty of airmiles. If you are loyal to a particular airline then you will be able to claim even quicker. As a guidance it can take anywhere between 25,000 – 50,000 airmiles to be able to get a free or discounted flight and with a transatlantic return being 8000 then it shouldn’t take too long.


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