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Scholarships Expanded

Athletics Scholarships

Athletic scholarships can be awarded at NCAA D1 & D2 institutions. It is big business; according to the NCAA website, around $2 billion worth of academic scholarship are awarded to 145,000 undergraduate student athletes each year.

In track and cross country scholarships can range from anything between 0-100%, though be wary of using the term ‘full ride’ as there will always be certain things that you have to pay for. Scholarships are renewed each year and the amount awarded can go up or down.

Athletics scholarships can cover all or some of the costs of

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation
  • Food (in the form of a stipend or dining plan)
  • Certain University fees

Typical expenses that an athletics scholarship does not pay for include

  • Flights home
  • Car and Parking permit
  • University fines & charges

We encourage you to find out the EXACT details of your initial scholarship offer before signing, so as you know how much money you will need to have. A common complaint amongst international student athletes when faced with certain bills is that they thought everything would be paid for, and despite what anyone says this is certainly not the case. Try to probe the coach to find out what you will need to cover yourself and at least then you know and won’t be so surprised when certain charges come your way.  If you are receiving a stipend, make sure you know the value of this so you can budget accordingly for food and rent if neither of these are provided.

Academic Scholarships

One route that many coaches will take in order to boost their team’s chances is to avail of academic scholarships. These scholarships will not eat up any of the school’s athletic scholarship entitlement. This is particularly useful in small, academically elite schools who haven’t a large student body to recruit athletes from. By bringing in academically-minded athletes they may be able to partially offset their tuition fees with an academic scholarship.  Like athletic scholarships, they can range anywhere between 0-100%.

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