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Ways to be Recruited

Ways to be recruited

How does an athlete go from competing in their local County Champs, English Schools, BUCS etc on to the NCAA? The process is known as RECRUITING. It can be defined as ‘the process whereby college coaches add new players to their roster of student-athletes.’

Recruiting is an extremely competitive business and is taken very seriously by the coaches. They will spend many hours on the road visiting the top prospects as well as making countless phone calls to perspective athletes all over the world. There are strict rules when it comes to recruiting, though most of these are more applicable to the school and coaches actions rather than your as an athlete. If you stick to what the coaches tell you during the recruiting process, then you are highly unlikely to commit a violation. In this article we have listed the traditional ways that British athletes may be recruited by American universities.

They contact you

For the top British athletes, i.e. those competing at the front end of English Schools, AAAs, or BUCS Championships, there is a strong chance that one or more American coaches will contact you. Coaches are constantly checking results and ranking lists and naturally will target the highest performing athletes first. They are likely to get in touch by phone or email. In this day and age social media is now commonly used so don’t rule out Facebook or Twitter as ways to communicate. It is also quite common for some of the coaches to show up at British or International age group championships and recruit face to face.

Communication can then develop and if the coach is really keen for you to sign then you may be offered an all expenses paid recruiting trip.

You contact them

Just because you may have not been contacted directly it doesn’t always mean that no one is interested. Another way to be recruited is to be proactive and approach the coach yourself. We know many athletes that have had success using this method. Get in touch via email, phone, or write a letter to an express an interest. Maybe the coach isn’t interested but the worst they can do is say no to you. Or better still, maybe they just hadn’t spotted you before and are impressed by your initiative to get in touch.

Another advantage of this method is that it gets your name out as being interested. For example, let’s say you are an 800m runner and call ‘coach A’ to let him know you are interested. Unfortunately Coach A doesn’t have enough scholarship available, though appreciated your email and knows that he can help.  Coach A then calls his good friend ‘Coach B’ at a different school because he knows he is looking for an 800m runner. Your details get passed on and Coach B may now see you as someone who is potentially worth a look at. You should quickly get the idea on how this process works, it’s all about networking.

Alternatively, you can use a recruiting service – such as our very own trackboundUSA Recruiting – and let the contact the schools or your behalf, using their experience and contacts to find the right match for you.

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