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NCAA ‘Moving Day’ / XC Selection


There is important cross country news on both sides of the Atlantic as we head into the weekend.

Moving Day

In major golf championships, the third round on Saturday is typically called ‘moving day.’ After a steady start through the first two days, Saturday is when the big players start to make a move up the leader board and look at getting themselves into prime position to strike ahead of the final round on Sunday. This weekend’s collegiate cross country can be looked at in a very similar way. Almost all ranked teams are competing at three major meets and the results this weekend will have massive importance when it comes to determining the ‘at large’ qualifiers for nationals. With all to play for it should make for a great weekend of racing.

Whilst pre-nats has been the premier regular season meet in recent years, it appears the balance of power has shifted significantly along the Mid-West this year, and the Wisconsin Invitational is where the majority of ranked teams are heading. Below we have listed the teams at each meet that are either ranked or have British and Irish interest.

Wisconsin Invite -Wisconsin

Men Women
#2 Wisconsin#4 Stanford

#6 BYU

#7 Indiana

#9 NC State

#10 Oregon

#13 Northern Arizona

#14 Princeton

#16 Georgetown

#17 Minnesota

#18 Columbia

#19 Villanova

#21 Syracuse

#22 UCLA

#23 Arizona State

#24 Providence

#25 New Mexico

#26 Michigan

#27 Texas A&M

#28 Florida

#29 North Carolina

- Lamar

#1 Villanova#2 Providence

#6 Stanford

#7 New Mexico

#8 Syracuse

#9 Iowa State

#10 Cal

#12 Oregon

#13 North Carolina

#14 Arizona

#15 Michigan State

#21 Minnesota

#22 Florida

#23 Iowa

#24 Washington

#25 Notre Dame

#27 BYU

#28 Princeton

#30 Clemson

Pre Nats  -Indiana State (No longer two races)

Men Women
#5 Iona#7 Indiana 

#8 Colorado

#11 Florida State

#12 Portland

#29 Eastern Kentucky



#3 Florida State #4 Colorado

#5 Georgetown 

#18 Michigan 


Chile Pepper Festival -Arkansas (10k for men)

Men Women
#1 Oklahoma State#3 Oklahoma

#15 Arkansas

#11 Arkansas#29 Oklahoma State


European Selection Policy

As the British cross country season commenced last weekend with numerous league fixtures, UK Athletics have also released the selection policy for the European Cross Country Championships to be held in Slovenia in December. The general selection criteria remains the same as per previous years with the first three athletes in each age group at the trial being automatically selected, and a further three being left to the discretion of the selectors.

However, there is one crucial change this year and it regards British athletes based in the US collegiate system and competing in the NCAA Championships. The relevant section states:

‘UK athletes based in the US and competing in the NCAA championships will be required to return home to compete in the trial if they wish to be considered for selection for the European Cross’

Since the introduction of the U23 age group to the European Championships in 2006, there have typically been one or two athletes selected for GB each year from their NCAA performances, rather than through the trial at Liverpool. Whilst it was never specifically covered in the selection criteria, precedent usually determined that it took a top 40 placing (All American) as well as being first British athlete at the NCAA Championships to be selected for the Europeans. This new rule will prevent this happening and from this year any British athletes in the NCAA who wish to compete in the European Championships must ensure they qualify at Liverpool like everybody else.

There are many arguments both for and against this new ruling, and no doubt it will generate much discussion amongst athletes and coaches. For our purposes we are just making people aware of the change, as it may well be an additional factor for athletes considering the NCAA system.

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