Athlete Feature 15 [Audio]- Chris O'Hare - USA Athletics Scholarships

Athlete Feature 15 [Audio]- Chris O’Hare


We’ve upped our game this week by bringing you a near 40 minute interview with 3:56 miler Chris O’Hare. He’s currently studying at Tulsa, and last year placed 2nd at the NCAA Indoor Championships. His Powerof10 profile is here. A summary of the interview is available at the bottom of the page.

Mini Transcript of Interview

tbUSA – You arrived in Tulsa in August 2009? You spent a year in Edinburgh studying at Napier in 2008 before transferring to Tulsa. Was that always your intention?

CO’H- It was always my intention to go to America. When I was deciding on whether to go to Napier or America after finishing school I felt I was a bit too young (17 at the time) to go across to the other side of the world, so we decided that I’d go to Edinburgh and live with my brother and attend Napier. Midway through my first year I started to realise that I had got everything out of Scotland and had exhausted my resources. I felt it was time for a change to step up my athletics career.

tbUSA – How did Tulsa come about then?

CO’H- I was speaking to quite a few schools. I had signed with Tulsa and I was still getting interest from others. Oklahoma State was also another big contender to Tulsa.

tbUSA – Did you take a visit at all?

CO’H – I never had the benefit of a visit. I had the offer but due to the NCAA rules of only allowing a 48 hour official paid visit, I decided it wasn’t the best decision in the middle of the racing season, as it would have involved two days of travelling for only two days on campus. It was a fairly late decision to commit to Tulsa in the end, but not to the extent of it being a rush. If I had felt like I was rushing the decision I would have just spent another year in Edinburgh. Tulsa just felt like the right choice. It is a small school with good athletics and I felt I could get the best of both worlds there.

tbUSA – Was the fact that John Beattie and Lewis Timmins had had success at Tulsa a help in persuading you to commit there?

CO’H – Yeah, definitely. It was more the fact that they were at the same level as myself prior to heading to Tulsa – hovering around the Great Britain level. It showed me that the coach could take me to the next level and improve me.

tbUSA – Any advice to perspective athletes?

Yeah, obviously do your research. But not just on the school, its facilities and its academics. It’s vitally important that you like the coach and establish a relationship and agree with his/her methods. Speak to the coach as much as possible before coming out. It makes things so much harder if you have to battle with a coach you don’t see eye to eye with. It’s on a personal basis. Just make a list of pro and cons.

The NCAA is so accommodating to athletes. There’s more leniency with work, and I have had work pushed back before when I have a big race coming up. Each school is like a huge corporation and everybody is working together to get the best out of you athletically and academically.

Rest of Audio Summary

What were your first impressions of Tulsa?

- Talks about getting lost on his first run in Tulsa in 100 degrees (F) heat.

First Season overview
– 4:04 mile
– 3:46
– Regional Qualifier
Second Season overview
– 3:56 mile
– Indoor and Outdoor Conference double
– 3rd Drake Relays
Future Plans
– Indoor and Outdoor NCAA plans
– Looking with one eye on European season
– 200m flat tracks

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