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NCAA Mile Race Videos


As you will have read here, British athletes took home 21 points between the men’s and women’s NCAA miles including a gold for O’Hare and a silver for Peters. Here are the videos.





Men’s Mile (Chris O’Hare, Rich Peters and Dave McCarthy)


Women’s Mile (Hannah Brooks)


After the weekend performances by British and Irish athletes in the NCAA Indoor Champs, the recent record looks like this.

Men Women
2002 Chris Mulvaney 6th (Arkansas) Roisin McGettigan 5th
2003 Chris Mulvaney 1st (Arkansas) Roisin McGettigan 4th
2004 Chris Mulvaney 9th (Arkansas)
2005 Tom Lancashire 4th (FSU)
2006 Tom Lancashire 4th (FSU)
2007 Scott Overall 6th (Butler)
Tim Bayley 11th (Iona)
Barbara Parker 4th (FSU)
2008 Hannah England 1st (FSU)
2009 Lee Emanuel 1st (New Mexico)
Dave McCarthy (Providence)
Charlotte Browning 8th (Florida)
2010 Lee Emanuel 1st (New Mexico)
Rob Mullet 7th (Butler)
Charlotte Browning 1st (Florida)
2011 Chris O’Hare  2nd (Tulsa)
2012 Chris O’Hare  1st  (Tulsa)
Rich Peters 2nd(Boston)
Dave McCarthy 9th (Providence)

Hannah Brooks 6th (FSU)

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