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NCAA Weekend Review – 02/04/2012


NCAA action kicked into gear last weekend with a host of good performances from the current crop. However, it was the old guard, in the form of Chris Gowell of Baylor, who stole the show with a 1:49 in the 800m, backed up with a win the mile against a extremely competent field. Gowell’s race is shown below. He benefitted from a sensible pace early on and close what looked like an unassailable lead, thanks to a great last 300m. He looks well placed to have a good 2012 after a somewhat subdued 2011 by his standards.

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There were plenty of wins from current athletes, coming from Brooks, Ulm, McLoughlin and Graham. Natalie Gray and Ruth Senior showed a return to form with a solid comeback run in the 1500m in Austin, TX, while the Wades were competitive with solid opening efforts over the barriers

Our friends at Iona once again took to the track in their meet-ticking mode, running 400m in over a minute. Chapeau! Lee Carey led home Providence teammate Shane Quinn for two PBs, in what was a comeback race after a prolonged stint out with injury.

Next week see it all begin on the West Coast.

We’ll bring you a preview later in the week.


Raleigh Relays
Lee Carey Providence 5000 3 14:08.7
Shane Quinn Providence 5000 9 14:10.7
Charlotte Ffrench O’Carroll Providence 5000 4 16:11.2
Jaguar Invitational
Ronnie Wilson South Alabama 3000 4 08:51.4
Arkansas Spring Invitational
Andy Heyes Tulsa 800 2 01:51.5
Thomas Cotter Wichita State 1500 4 03:50.3
Geraint Davies Tulsa 3000 8 08:41.1
Natasha Cockram Tulsa 1500 10 04:44.2
Danielle Walker Wichita State 800 3 02:10.5
Anthony Lieghio Arkansas 1500 3 03:47.7
David Flynn Arkansas 1500 7 03:51.6
Maryland Invitational
Toby Ulm Georgetown 400H 1 53.03
UNF North Florida Invitational
Hannah Brooks Florida State 5000 1 16:20.1
Texas Relays
Ruth Senior New Mexico 1500 10 04:38.3
Natalie Gray New Mexico 1500 11 04:39.0
Wadex2, Smith Lamar DMR 5 09:44.6
Joe Wade Lamar 3000SC 4 08:58.3
Tom Wade Lamar 3000SC 5 09:01.4
Chris Gowell Rogue Elite 800 5 01:49.8
Chris Gowell Rogue Elite Mile 1 04:01.1
Nick Miller OSU Hammer (7kg) 65.09
Ole Miss Inivational
Anna Reddin Western Kentucky 5000 7 18:13.1
Jade Nimmo Western Kentucky 100 23 12.36
Utah Valley
Lucy Yates Utah – Unattached 400 10 58.07
Farleigh Dickinson Invitational
Luci McLoughlin Iona 800 1 02:18.2
Jake Byre Iona 400 12 60.62
Craig Murphy Iona 400 18 61.78
Oliver Nikoloff Invitational
Matthew Graham DePaul 3000SC 1 0.376076

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