NCAA Weekend results 13/14 April

NCAA Weekend Review – 13/14th April

Nick Miller Oklahoma State

This weekend was another quiet one in terms of quantity from British and Irish athletes. For those schools with the athletes and the budgets, sandwiching a meet in-between Stanford and Mt SAC isn’t necessarily required as these meets provide ample opportunities to hit regional marks.

Not all schools make both these meets so many athletes find themselves tuning up for Conference Champs with head-to-head meets, common in collegiate athletics.

Performance of the weekend goes to OSU’s Nick Miller who, courtesy of a 66.88 throw, went up to 9th in the nation in the Hammer.

Other notable performances came from FSU’s Hannah Brooks, Butler’s Tom Curr, Hollie Knight and Jade Nimmo

Next weekend will see a bumper edition as we head to Mt SAC, not only with the collegiate, but also many of the British based endurance guys and girls who will attempt to run quick on the short Californian tracks.

‘Til then.

Hilltopper Relays
3000 6 Abbie Oliver Murray State 10:38.9
3000SC 7 Anna Reddin Western Kentucky 12:19.3
HJ 11 Jade Nimmo Western Kentucky 1.55m
LJ 1 Jade Nimmo Western Kentucky 6.47m
Mississippi Open
800 1 Louisa Lingley Memphis 02:11.7
Texas Roadhouse Border Battle
1500 3 Holly Knight Louisville 04:26.6
UTEP Invitational
100H 11 Mairead Murphy Kansas State 14.32
LJ 13 Mairead Murphy Kansas State 5.68m
JT 13 Mairead Murphy Kansas State 22.39m
Tom Botts Invitational
1500 5 Graham, Matthew DePaul 03:52.9
Brown Invitational
Mile 3 Carey, Lee Providence 4:09:03
Mile 7 Hopkins, Jonathan Providence 4:14:81
Mile 6 Cooper, Kevin Brown 04:14.5
800 2 Tufnell, Henry Brown 01:52.2
USA Invitational
800m 3 Wilson, Ronny South Alabama 1:57:35
3000m 6 Wilson, Ronny South Alabama 9:16:75
Texas Tech Open
HT 1 Barry, Killian Texas Tech 57.42m
John Jacobs Invitational
800m 1 O’Hare, Chris Tulsa 1:53:98
800m 2 Heyes, Andrew Tulsa 1:55:77
HT 1 Miller, Nick Oklahoma State 66.88m
1500 2 Cockram, Natasha Tulsa 04:43.6
KT Woodman Classic
800m 3 Cotter, Tomas Wichita State 1:53:94
ISU Pacesetter Quad
800m 2 Legg, Kirsty Butler 2:12:99
5000m 1 Howarth, Becky Butler 17:23:72
800m 1 Curr, Tom Butler 01:50.6
800m 8 Ellis, Harry Butler 01:55.4
FSU Seminole Invitational
1500m 3 Brooks, Hannah Florida State 4:21.44
200m 5 Showler-Davis, Kieran Florida State 22.03
John Knight Twilight
5000m 9 Clowes, Matthew Concordia 15:17:10

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