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Stanford Preview ft. Drake and Penn Relays

Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational

It’s Cardinal time

This weekend is arguably the biggest of the collegiate regular season. It is the weekend where many athletes will be chasing regional, and in some cases Olympic qualifying marks. Headlining is of course Stanford. The Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational has regularly been the scene of special performances and few could bet against seeing one or two collegiate or national records this Saturday. By our reckoning, there are around 50 British and Irish athletes scheduled to compete this weekend at Stanford. Such is the standing of this meet; that many are domestically based athletes and have flown out at their own expense especially to compete.

Below are the British and Irish entries for ‘Payton Jordan’ this weekend. Collegiate athletes are highlighted. Note that there are several collegiates competing unattached. Full start lists are available here.

Men Women
800m Tim Bayley GBTC 800m Josephine Moultrie New Mexico
800m Guy Learmonth Unattached 800m Lucy Yates Unattached
800m Chris Smith Lamar 1500m Hannah Brooks Florida State
800m Darren St. Clair Unattached 3k S/C Becky Gough Lamar
1500m Andy Baddeley New Balance 3k S/C Lennie Waite Team Rougue
1500m David Bishop Unattached 3k S/C Imogen Ainsworth New Mexico
1500m Chris O’Hare Tulsa 5000m Barbara Parker New Balance
1500m Kristopher Gauson Unattached 5000m Emily Pidgeon Unattached
1500m Jermaine Mays Great Britain 5000m Stephanie Twell Unattached
1500m Adam Cotton Harvard 5000m Katrina Wooton Unattached
1500m David Forrester Florida State 5000m Ruth Senior New Mexico
1500m Sam Evans New Mexico 5000m Sarah Waldron New Mexico
3k S/C Luke Gunn Asics 5000m Kirsty Milner New Mexico
3k S/C Rob Mullett Saucony 10000m Julia Bleasdale MelbourneTC
3k S/C Mark Draper New Balance 10000m Fionnuala Britton Ireland
3k S/C Glen Watts England 10000m Charlotte Purdue Nike
3k S/C Joe Wade Lamar 10000m Hollie Rowland Iona
3k S/C Tom Wade Lamar
5000m Mark Christie Ireland
5000m Tom Farrell Unattached
5000m Mitch Goose Iona
5000m Ross Millington Unattached
5000m Chris Thompson OTC
5000m Matt Bond Adams State
5000m Brendan O’Neil Florida State
5000m Jonathan Hay Nike
10000m Alistair Cragg Adidas
10000m Rory Fraser Unattached
10000m Andy Vernon Melbourne TC
10000m Keith Gerrard Mizuno
10000m Joe Macdonald Unattached
10000m Jonny Mellor Adidas

There are also two other major meets taking place this weekend; Penn Relays and Drake Relays. These are the classic American track meets that combine high school, collegiate, and professional athletics. Whilst it could be quite hard to grasp the concept back home, winning a Drake or Penn relay title is a huge deal for collegiate teams and is taken very seriously by those involved.

All that remains to be said is good luck to all those competing this weekend, and we will be back with a full round up once all the results are in.

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