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Regional Qualifiers and Preview

NCAA outdoor British track results

With conference now in the books, the final chapter of the 2011-2012 collegiate track and field season is nearly upon us. A healthy contingent of 43 British and Irish athletes have overcome the first elimination hurdle; to qualify for the NCAA regional preliminary rounds. These preliminary meets are not scored team meets, and as such no team or individual titles are up for grabs as is the case with cross country regionals. Qualifying for the NCAA Championships is simply a case of finishing amongst the first 12 athletes out of the 48 starters at the preliminary round.

Whilst the regional meet should be a formality for the top collegiate athletes, it is not something that should be treated lightly. Shocks can and do occur every year, and with both regional meets taking place in potentially very hot and humid environments, the chances of a few surprises will only increase.   We witnessed this first hand when competing at the same event when it was last held in Austin in 2010. Numerous highly ranked athletes across different events simply struggled to cope with the draining levels of heat and humidity and failed to advance.

Amongst the British and Irish qualifiers, 13 head into the event ranked within the top 12 in their respective events. Whilst rankings can only serve as a rough guide, it does give us hope that we should be well represented in Des Moines for the NCAA Championships in June. All known British and Irish qualifiers are listed below, complete with their performance and regional ranking.


Athlete School Region Event Time (Rank)
David Forrester Florida State East 1500m 3.41.44 (7)
Rich Peters Boston East 1500m 3.43.28 (16)
Gary Bradbury Alabama East 1500m 3.44.51 (22)
Kevin Cooper Brown East 1500m 3.44.92 (28)
John Van Deventer Yale East 1500m 3.45.01 (31)
Marcus Bridger-Wilkinson Belmont East 1500m 3.45.92 (45)
Tom Curr Butler East 1500m 3.45.98 (48)
Mitch Goose Iona East 5000m 13.34.41 (3)
Breandan O’Neil Florida State East 5000m 13.41.56 (7)
David Rooney Mcneese State East 5000m 13.53.04 (16)
Jake Byrne Iona East 5000m 14.01.99 (27)
Lee Carey Providence East 5000m 14.08.68 (47)
Craig Murphy Iona East 5000m 29.37.55 (28)
Alex Bruce-Littlewood Mcneese State East 3k s/c 8.59.39 (30)
Toby Ulm Georgetown East 400m h 51.05 (16)
James Alaka Washington West 100m 10.22 (9)
James Alaka Washington West 200m 20.45 (2)
Antony Leighio Arkansas West 800m 1.49.25 (30)
Chris O’Hare Tulsa West 1500m 3.37.95 (2)
Sam Evans New Mexico West 15000m 3.43.95 (16)
Tom Marshall Tulsa West 15000m 3.46.45 (35)
Sam Stabler Lamar West 15000m 3.46.87 (47)
Tom Wade Lamar West 3k s/c 8.43.26 (4)
David Flynn Arkansas West 3k s/c 8.49.20 (11)
Tomas Cotter Wichita State West 3k s/c 8.51.88 (14)
Joe Wade Lamar West 3k s/c 8.54.70 (21)
Matthew Graham DePaul West 3k s/c 8.57.67 (30)
Nick Miller Oklahoma State West HT 67.07 (4)
Killian Barry Texas Tech West HT 55.85 (40)



Athlete School Region Event Time (Rank)
Yasmin Smith South Florida East 800m 2.06.78 (23)
Hannah Brooks Florida State East 1500m 4.15.59 (9)
Kirsty Legg Butler East 1500m 4.21.32 (30)
Charlotte Ffrench O’Carroll Providence East 5000m 16.11.23 (13)
Sarah Hudak UAB East 5000m 16.26.41 (26)
Holly Knight Louisville East 10000m 33.08.99 (2)
Hollie Rowland Iona East 10000m 34.28.25 (26)
Patricia Barry Stony Brook East 10000m 35.22.87 (43)
Michelle Finn Western Kentucky East 3k s/c 10.14.09 (16)
Ejioghene Okoro Iowa State West 800m 2.04.72 (5)
Josephine Moultrie New Mexico West 800m 2.07.55 (26)
Imogen Ainsworth New Mexico West 1500m 4.25.24 (36)
Sarah Waldron New Mexico West 10000m 32.36.07 (3)
Ruth Senior New Mexico West 3k s/c 10.22.55 (22)
Mairead Murphy Kansas State West 100m h 13.75 (41)
Eseroghene Okoro Iowa State West 400m h 57.61 (12)

The East Preliminary round is being hosted by The University of North Florida. For more info and schedules, click here.

The West Preliminary round is being hosted by The University of Texas. For more info and schedules info click here

Full start lists for both meets can be found here


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