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Who’s going to the NCAA in 2012…?


Listed below are the athletes that we believe have committed to an NCAA school starting in the fall of 2012.

If you know of any amendments or additions to this list, please get in touch through the contact page, Facebook or Twitter.




Athlete Name School heading to Event Status
Dan Cliffe McNeese Endurance Graduate
Zak Seddon Flordia State Endurance
Georgia Peel Flordia State Endurance
Michelle Allen DePaul Endurance Graduate
Elinor Kirk UAB Endurance Graduate
Kate Brown UAB Endurance Graduate
Kate Avery Iona Endurance Graduate
Dan Clorley Iona Endurance Graduate
Harvey Dixon Providence Endurance
Stephen Emery Adams State Endurance Graduate
Robbie Farnham-Rose Alabama Endurance
Tom Anderson Butler Endurance Graduate
Kieran Clements Iona Endurance
Adam Bitchell New Mexico Endurance Graduate
Ieuan Thomas Western State Endurance Graduate
Liam Markham (IRL) Illinois Endurance
Matthew Gillespie Iona Endurance Graduate
Richard Goodman Oregon Endurance *Began in April
Andrew/Patrick Monaghan (IRL) Mississippi State Endurance
Josh Gorecki Portland Endurance Graduate
Kevin Dooney (IRL) Yale Endurance
Sarah Levin (IRL) Princeton Hurdles
Mark Shaw Ole Miss Endurance
Luke Carroll Illinois Endurance
Vicky Fouhy Virginia Endurance Graduate
Michael Kershaw Lamar Endurance Graduate
Lauren Scott Iowa Endurance Graduate
Stu Huntington Lamar Endurance Graduate
Olivia Sadler Columbia Endurance
Stephen Kerr McNeese Endurance
Amy O’Donoghue (IRL) Arkansas Endurance
Luke Caldwell New Mexico Endurance Graduate
Olivia O’Hare Tulsa Endurance
Marc Scott Tulsa Endurance
Harry Harper Iowa Endurance Graduate
Tom Purnell Harvard Endurance
Freya Jones Georgia Throws
Adam Damadzic TCU Throws
If you can either confirm or deny these, please let us know.

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