Sarak Hudak wins again - NCAA XC Round-up

XC Week 2 Round Up

NCAA XC Regionals

A fairly low key weekend of racing as far as collegiate cross country goes. UAB’s Sarah Hudak continued her unbeaten start to the season, with her second win in as many weeks by taking top spot at the Auburn Invitational. Elsewhere there were collegiate debuts from Stephen Emery (Adams State) and Ieuan Thomas (Western State) at Joe Vigil Open, with both athletes seemingly struggling with the 7000ft altitude that the meet was held at.Sarah Hudak

We expect several more quiet weekends like this before the season starts properly in late September / early October.

Full known British and Irish performances from the weekend are listed below.

Auburn Invitational
1 Hudak, Sarah                 UAB                            14:20.87
9 Brown, Kate                  UAB                            15:06.57
26 Leybourne, Kristie           UAB                           15:46.91
Northern Illinois University XC Open
47 Mcauley, Claire           JR N.I.U.                20:13.36
51 Allen, Michelle           JR DePaul University     20:39.82
Queen City Invitational
23 John-Paul Williamson Lindsey Wilson 16:21.1
Bryant Invitational
64 Ross, Stuart Boston University 28:01.02
39 MARTHA REYNOLDS       Bryant University                       19:25.2
Dartmouth Cross Country Invitational
6 Gault, Jonathan           SR Dartmouth             24:53.21
Joe I. Vigil Open
15  Drew Graham  Adams State  26:16
21 Ieuan Thomas   Western State 26:41
33 Stephen Emery Adams State  27:01
Nevada Twilight
27 21 43 Lucy Yates  Utah  16:11
Spiked Shoe Invitational
 9  Mel Newbery, Sr*           21:49    6:04  Princeton
Fortdham University XC Invitational
 4 Kevin Dooney                 Yale                    5:17.0


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