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Regional Round-up – Who has punched their ticket?


Chris O’Hare’s breakthrough cross country season continued as he took an impressive individual victory at arguably one of this year’s toughest regional meets. Competing in the Mid-West regional, his Tulsa team (47 points) were narrowly edged out by in-State rivals Oklahoma (45) and Oklahoma State (45), though having won the Notre Dame meet earlier in the season Tulsa are all but confirmed as qualifiers. Fellow Brit-Oklahomans Tom Farrell (OSU-4th) and Andy Heyes (Tulsa-8th) also comfortably booked their places for next week’s big dance.

Butler’s Katie Clark booked her individual place with a strong second place finish in the Great Lakes Region. However, team mate Kirsty Legg (18th) will now faces a nervous to wait to see if Butler qualified as a team. The Butler mens team finished well down in 9th place, and this will disappointingly signify an early end to the cross country season for the five British athletes who ran today.

Both Florida State teams overcame the task of qualifying in impressive style and with minimal fuss. Breandan O’Neil  crossed the finish line together with team mate Jakub Zivek to lead the Seminoles to a one, two punch. Perhaps more importantly, David Forrester continued his return to fitness with an encouraging 11th place. On the women’s side, Georgia Peel produced her finest stateside run so far to finish 10th. Such was FSU’s depth, she was still only fifth scorer.

New Mexico’s British lady contingent ensured their spot in Kentucky by finishing second team to Weber State. Josephine Moultrie lead the Lobos home as she has done all season by finishing 5th. Luke Caldwell led home the men in 12th, but they will have to rely on an at-large bid.

In the day’s first meet, Mitch Goose led home a rout of home-grown athletes in style with the win, and 5 British/Irish athletes in the top 10. His Iona team took the team title and head into Saturday’s Big Dance with high hopes of doing serious damage. He narrowly missed out on sub-30 clocking in Madison, CT. In the same meet, Providence and Ireland’s Sarah Collins took 2nd place.

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Below, those denoted by ‘Q’ have either made it through automatically as a team, or through an at-large bid, or as an individual.

Women, 6k
41 Ashbee-Simmonds, Abbie FR-1 Murray State 21:35.7
117 Hill-Stirling, Louise FR-1 Western Kentucky 22:36.8
186 Oliver, Abbie SO-2 Murray State 23:39.7
234 Fouhy, Vicky SR-4 Virginia 25:15.6
Men, 10k
2 O’Neill, Breandan SR-4 Florida State 30:23.9 Q
11 Forrester, David SR-4 Florida State 30:48.8 Q
17 Seddon, Zak FR-1 Florida State 30:59.2 Q
85 Wilson, Ronny SO-2 South Alabama 32:49.0
92 Gibson, Kurtis SO-2 Belmont 33:00.0
Women, 6k
10 Peel, Georgia FR-1 Florida State 20:25.0 Q
17 Hudak, Sarah SR-4 UAB 20:34.4
21 Kirk, Elinor JR-3 UAB 20:38.9
73 Brown, Kate JR-3 UAB 21:45.0
163 Leybourne, Kristie SO-2 UAB 23:38.1
South Central
Women, 6k
16 Adams, Josephine SR-4 North Texas 21:34.0
47 Ross, Fionnuala SR-4 McNeese State 22:29.5
48 Miles, Claire SR-4 Lamar 22:36.7
78 Gough, Becky SR-4 Lamar 23:24.6
Men, 10k
2 Rooney, David SR-4 McNeese State 29:41.4 Q
23 Flynn, David JR-3 Arkansas 31:24.2 Q
24 Bruce-Littlewood, Alex SR-4 McNeese State 31:32.1
29 Cliffe, Daniel JR-3 McNeese State 31:42.7
33 Jones, Chris JR-3 Lamar 31:58.9
42 Wade, Joe SR-4 Lamar 32:16.2
Huntingon, Stu
107 Stabler, Sam SO-2 Lamar 34:30.2
66 Newbery, Mel SR-4 Princeton 22:18.7
Great Lakes
Women, 6k
2 Clark, Katie JR-3 Butler 20:09.0 Q
18 Legg, Kirsty JR-3 Butler 20:48.0 Q
Men, 10k
30 Clarke, Ross JR-3 Butler 31:53.0
37 Ellis, Harry SO-2 Butler 32:01.0
67 Proctor, Matt SR-4 Butler 32:37.0
81 Curr, Tom SO-2 Butler 32:55.0
126 Anderson, Tom JR-3 Butler 33:43.0
Women, 6k
120 O’Hare, Olivia FR-1 Tulsa 23:08.0
166 McAuley, Claire JR-3 Northern Illinois 24:03.5
Men, 10k
1 O’Hare, Chris JR-3 Tulsa 30:25.9 Q
4 Farrell, Tom JR-3 Oklahoma State 30:29.1 Q
8 Heyes, Andy SR-4 Tulsa 30:30.2 Q
56 Cotter, Tomas SR-4 Wichita State 31:44.3
25 Scott, Marc FR-1 Tulsa 31:00.3 Q
Women, 6k
5 Moultrie, Josephine SR-4 New Mexico 20:25.1 Q
10 Arter, Charlotte JR-3 New Mexico 20:54.3 Q
50 Ainsworth, Imogen SR-4 New Mexico 21:49.8 Q
Men, 10k
12 Caldwell, Luke JR-3 New Mexico 30:21.9 Q
25 Bitchell, Adam JR-3 New Mexico 30:52.7 Q
31 Evans, Sam JR-3 New Mexico 31:01.5 Q
North East
Women, 6k
2 Collins, Sarah FR-1 Providence 19:55.3 Q
35 Black, Eimear JR-3 Bryant 20:52.6
65 McCarthy, Lorraine JR-3 Stony Brook 21:23.6
137 McLoughlin, Luci JR-3 Iona 22:34.6
144 Reynolds, Martha JR-3 Bryant 22:41.4
Men, 10k
1 Goose, Mitch SR-4 Iona 30:04.5 Q
3 Quinn, Shane SO-2 Providence 30:18.9 Q
4 Clorley, Daniel JR-3 Iona 30:27.0 Q
8 Byrne, Jake SO-2 Iona 30:29.4 Q
9 Peters, Rich JR-3 Boston U. 30:29.8 Q
13 Gillespie, Matt JR-3 Iona 30:35.3 Q
16 Dixon, Harvey FR-1 Providence 30:36.4
41 Hopkins, Jonathan JR-3 Providence 31:23.9
55 Purnell, Tom FR-1 Harvard 31:37.2
113 Cooper, Kevin SR-4 Brown 32:38.5
Women, 6k
52 Paletta, Gina SR-4 Portland 21:00.35

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