Regional Results Day 1 - USA Athletics Scholarships

Regional Results Day 1


The stats from the first day of the NCAA Preliminary meets for the British and Irish athletes include:

  • 3 athletes advance to the NCAA Championships (Breandan O’Neil, Lorraine Ugen, Katie Clark)
  • 11 athletes qualify to the next round of the preliminary meet
  • 9 athletes failed to qualify and end their collegiate season

Full British and Irish day 1 results below with NCAA qualifiers in red.

External results are found here: (West) (East)

5 (h4) 100m James Alaka Washington 10.62
2 (h5) 800m Anthony Lieghio Arkansas 1:49.38 Q
11 (h1) 1500m Sam Stabler Lamar 3:58.65
12 (h2) 1500m Luke Carroll Illinois 3:59.97
14 LJ James McLachlan Loyola 7.58
28 DT Adam Damadzic TCU 52.86
3 (h2) 1500m Rich Peters Boston 3:47.88 Q
5 (h3) 1500m Tom Curr Butler 3:48.42 Q
9 (h4) 1500m Ross Clarke Butler 3:44.73 q
9 (h2) 1500m Robbie Farnham-Rose Alabama 3:49.35
10 10,000m Breandan O’Neil Florida State 30:01.28 Q
DNF 10,000m Tom Anderson Butler N/A
40 10,000m John Gault Dartmouth
3 (h3) 800 Ejirogene Okoro Iowa State 2:06.94 (Q)
2 (h4) 1500m Jo Moultrie New Mexico 4:22.54 (Q)
2 (h1) 1500m Jo Adams North Texas 4:19.44Q
6 (h1) 1500m Chloe Anderson New Mexico
3 (h3) 1500m Charlotte Arter New Mexico 4:22.58 (Q)
1 (h5) 400h Eseroghene Okoro Iowa State 58.19 (Q)
19 HT Aoife Hickey Utah 58.05
6 LJ Lorraine Ugen TCU 6.34 Q
2 (h1) 1500m Georgia Peel Florida State 4:21.68 (Q)
3 (h4) 1500m Vicky Fouhy Virginia 4:17.68 (Q)
5 (h3) 1500m Sarah Hudak UAB 4:19.31 (Q)
12 (h2) 1500m Yasmin Smith South Florida 4:40.50
11 10,000m Katie Clark Butler 33:45.23 (Q)

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