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Just how good is the NCAA?


Just How Good Is The NCAA?

With the 2013 NCAA Outdoor Track season in the books, we thought we would take a look at just how good this year’s competition was. With some of the fastest sprint times in the history of the NCAA being recorded, and some other mind-blowing performances, we decided to do a quick comparison of the winners of each event against the athletes that will be lining up for Great Britain & N.I. at the European Team Championships in Gateshead this weekend.

For the purposes of this comparison, we will take the winning marks from each of the NCAA events, and compare them against the PBs of the athletes competing for GB & N.I. The athletes that win the match-up will be in bold.


100m: James Dasaolu 10.08 Charles Silmon – TCU 9.89
200m: Danny Talbot 20.45 Ameer Webb – Texas A&M 20.10
400m: Nigel Levine 45.11 Bryshon Nellum – USC 44.73
800m: Andrew Osagie 1:43.77     Elijah Greer – Oregon 01:46.6
1500m: Charlie Grice 3:38.13     Mac Fleet – Oregon 03:50.2
3k/5k: David Bishop 7:56.37 Lawi Lalang – Arizona State  13:35.2
5k/10k: Mo Farah 12:53.1 Lawi Lalang – Arizona State 29:29.6
110mH: Will Sharman 13.30 Wayne Davis II – Texas A&M  13.14
400mH: Dai Greene 47.84   Reggie Wyatt – USC 48.58
3000mSC: Rob Mullett 8:31.62 Anthony Rotich – UTEP 08:21.2
HJ: Tom Parsons 2.31m Derek Drouin – Indiana 2.34m
LJ: Greg Rutherford 8.35m   Damar Forbes – LSU 8.35m
TJ: Nathan Douglas 17.64m   Omar Craddock – Florida 16.92m
PV: Andrew Sutcliffe 5.55m Sam Kendricks – Mississippi 5.70m
SP: Zane Duquemin 19.10m Ryan Crouser – Texas 20.31m
DT: Brett Morse 66.06m   Julian Wruck – UCLA 64.94m
HT: Mark Dry 74.82m Tomas Kruzliak – Virginia Tech 69.26m
JT: Lee Doran 79.72m   Sam Humpherys – Texas A&M 77.95m
4 x 100m: Team GB&NI 2012 38.30   Florida 38.53
4 x 400m: Team GB&NI 2012 2:59.53   Florida 3:01.34
Final Score: Team GB&NI 11 Team NCAA 9
100m: Asha Philip 11.36 English Gardner – Oregon 10.96
200m: Anyika Onuora 22.93 Kimberlyn Duncan – LSU 22.04
400m: Perri Shakes-Drayton 50.85 Ashley Spencer – Illinois 50.28
800m: Jessica Judd 2:00.37 Natoya Goule – LSU 02:00.1
1500m: Hannah England 4:01.89   Natalja Piliusina – OK State 04:13.2
3k/5k: Laura Weightman 8:43.46   A. D’Agostino – Dartmouth 15:43.7
5k/10k: Emelia Gorecka 15.34.21 Betsy Saina – Iowa State 33:08.9
100mH: Tiffany Porter 12.56 Brianna Rollins – Clemson 12.39
400mH: Eilidh Child 54.93 Kori Carter – Stanford 53.21
3000mSC: Lennie Waite 9:48.35 Emma Coburn – Colorado 09:35.4
HJ: Isobel Pooley 1.90m Brigetta Barrett – Arizona 1.95m
LJ: Shara Proctor 6.95m   Lorraine Ugen – TCU 6.77m
TJ: Yamile Aldama 15.29m   S. Thomas – San Diego St. 14.14m
PV: Holly Bleasdale 4.87m   Beth Buell – South Dakota 4.45m
SP: Sophie McKinna 17.12m Tia Brooks – Oklahoma 18.91m
DT: Jade Lally 60.76m   Anna Jelmini – Arizona State 57.95m
HT: Sophie Hitchon 71.98m   C. Cassulo – Arizona State 69.12m
JT: Izzy Jeffs 56.31m   Freya Jones – Georgia 54.95m
4 x 100m: Team GB&NI 2012 44.37 Texas A&M 42.88
4 x 400m: Team GB&NI 2012 3:24.76   Arkansas 03:27.1
Final Score: Team GB&NI 9 Team NCAA 11
Total Team: Team GB&NI 20 Team NCAA 20


Incredibly, at the end of the 40 events the scores are tied at 20-20. All the comparisons are based purely on an objective basis of “the fastest/highest/longest marks win”, except for the middle and long distance events. Because of the tactical nature of such Championship races, a guestimate has to be made as to who would win each matchup, based on previous performances.

Interesting Trends

  • The field events are dominated by Team GB&NI. The Men win by 5-3 and the Women by 6-2, resulting in a 11-5 overall victory. This could be down to a number of factors, but one major one could be age. Team NCAA is mostly limited to 18-22 year olds, and as a result, they have had less time in the event to develop technique as compared with the older athletes of Team GB&NI.
  • There is an almost complete whitewash by Team NCAA in the sprints. The Women take it 5-0 and the Men record a 4-1 victory, with only World Champion Dai Greene stopping the whitewash. Even Golden Girl Perri Shakes-Drayton gets beaten in the 400m.
  • The middle and long distance events are shared 5-5, with the Men edging it for Team GB&NI by3-2, and the Team NCAA Women recording the same result, 3-2. Team GB&NI’s victories are more dominant however, with the Team NCAA victories being marginal.
  • Team GB&NI for the most part get the job done in the relays. However, a whole country can only just get it done against individual schools.

Individual Battles

  • Greg Rutherford v Damar Forbes – both men record the same mark, but Rutherford edges it based on being the Olympic Champion.
  • Nathan Douglas v Omar Craddock – on current form, Douglas would probably not win, but for the purposes on this comparison, he records the victory.
  • Perri Shakes-Drayton – as mentioned above, Drayton gets handily beaten in the 400m by Spencer. However, Drayton would also be beaten in her preferred 400m hurdles as she has only run 53.77 as compared with Kori Carter’s 53.21.
  • Jess Judd v Natoya Goule – very close, but the edge is given to the older Goule who has had a dominant season in the NCAA.
  • Laura Weightman v Abbey D’Agostino – perhaps the most difficult to call, with D’Agostino actually winning based on the McMillan calculator having run a 15:11 5k. However, Weightman has a much stronger 3k PB than D’Agostino, and has yet to dip her toes into 5k track running. Could go either way, but we go with Olympian Weightman.

So there you have it. Turns out the NCAA is pretty good. Team GB&NI is by no means the strongest line-up that could be put out there, but Team NCAA holds it own against some of our very best.


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