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NCAA XC Preview 2013


As we begin to focus our attention on the forthcoming collegiate cross country season, it is worth recapping just how well the class of 2012 performed. The stats from last years NCAA Cross Country Championship make impressive reading:

  • Six male All-Americans
  • Three female All-Americans
  • 25 British and Irish runners in total
  • One athlete part of a winning team (Tom Farrell and OSU)

As can be seen, the bar from last year has been set very high. The 2013 contingent will certainly have their work cut out to better this when the NCAA Championships return to Terre Haute (‘Cross Country Town USA’) in November, after last year’s event taking place in Louisville, KY.

Below are the finishing positions of the 15 British and Irish athletes who competed at last year’s NCAA Cross Country Championships and who are set to return this year. To those who follow collegiate track and cross country closely, many of these upper class men and women are now very familiar names amongst the elite performers in the NCAA.

As is always an unknown at the start of a season, some athletes who were labelled as ‘seniors’ last year, may actually be returning for the 2013/14 year after being granted extra eligibility.






Tom Farrell

Oklahoma State


Chris O’Hare



Luke Caldwell

New Mexico


Shane Quinn



Marc Scott



Sam Evans

New Mexico


Jake Byrne



Daniel Clorley



Zak Seddon

Florida State


David Flynn


WOMENOverall Athlete School
10 Sarah Collins Providence
22 Katie Clark Butler
51 Charlotte Arter New Mexico
186 Georgia Peel Florida State
225 Kirsty Legg Butler

As well as the returners, there is also a huge contingent of new athletes ready to grace the NCAA for the first time. Throughout 2013, we have been inundated with athletes informing us that they are headed stateside in the fall. So far the number of known recruits sits at 29. There will of course be many more athletes enrolling who we either do not know about yet or who have not made it public that they are going. These will become known once the season starts.

Known endurance runners who have signed for US collegiate teams in 2013 include:

Katie Good Butler
Rhianwedd Price Miss State
Kirsty Addy UAB
Stacie Taylor Tulsa
Leigh Lattimore Lamar
Sarah Livett UAB
Hannah Walker Florida State
Sarah Johnson McNeese
Rachel Robinson Lamar
Mark Shaw Ole Miss
Sean Tobin Ole Miss
Matthew Fayers Oklahoma State
Neil Gourley Virginia Tech
Ross Matheson New Mexico
Alex Cornwell New Mexico
Jake Shelley New Mexico
Kieran Reilly Indiana
Matt Jackson Lamar
Aaron Bennett Lamar
Ryan Saunders Lamar
Luke Johnston McNeese
Ryan Holroyd McNeese
Hugh Armstrong Providence
Harry Fisher Wyoming
Tom Atkinson Wyoming
Laurie Probert Lamar

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