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NCAA Regional Preview


Now that Conference weekend has passed, we look forward to next weekend and the Regional showdown. This is where National Qualifiers are decided. We look at who is currently in a qualifying position based off points accumulated at Conference and the various invitational meets thus far. There are currently 8 teams with British or Irish athletes in them that are ranked number 1 in their region.

A clear indicator of just how many British and Irish athletes are descending on American shores these days is that we will be represented in all nine of the regional cross country regional meets taking place this Friday for only the second time. Championship season started two weekends ago with the various conference meets and now we head into the final qualifier for the ‘big dance’. From 9 regional meets 31 teams and 40 individual qualifiers will advance, giving a total of 255 male and female athletes ready to battle it out in Terre Haute on November 23rd.

Whilst qualifying should be a necessary formality for the major players, it must be taken seriously. No one gets special treatment and failure to perform at regionals will signal an early end to the cross country season. For the vast majority of men’s teams, it will be the first race of the season held over the longer distance of 10k, as most regular season meets are only 8k in distance.

 To summarize the qualifying system (Men’s and Women’s are the same):

  • Men race over 10km, women race 6km
  • The top two teams at each of the nine regions automatically qualify
  • The 13 remaining ‘at large’  qualifying teams are selected based on performances during the season against the 18 teams to have qualified automatically
  • The top 4 athletes at each region not part of a qualifying team will advance
  • Qualifying teams are allowed to run 7 athletes in the NCAA meet

In terms of where the British and Irish athletes are competing, we have these listed below. The latest national rankings are also given. We will follow regional’s with a full summary of how the Brits and Irish get on and who has qualified. The eight day recovery and build up to NCAAs will then commence.

Region Team
Great Lakes Butler
Great Lakes Indiana
Midwest Iowa State
Midwest Oklahoma State
Midwest Illinois
Midwest Northern Illinois
Midwest Tulsa
Mountain New Mexico
Mountain Wyoming
North East Boston
North East Iona
North East Providence
North East Bryant
North East Stony Brook
North East Columbia
North East Harvard
North East Yale
North East Brown
South South Alabama
South UAB
South Belmont
South Miss State
South Ole Miss
South FSU
South Memphis
South Central Lamar
South Central North Texas
South Central McNeese State
South Central Arkansas
West Portland
West Oregon
Mid-Atlantic Princeton
Southeast Western Kentucky
Southeast Virginia Tech
Southeast Virginia
Southeast Murray State
Southeast Virginia

 Qualifiers as it stands – (teams with British or Irish influence in red)

Men’s Kolas Qualifiers   Full Men’s List

Auto Teams:

1 2
NORTHEAST Columbia Iona
MID-ATLANTIC Princeton Villanova
SOUTHEAST Eastern Kentucky North Carolina
GREAT LAKES Indiana Michigan
MIDWEST Oklahoma State Tulsa
SOUTH Florida Georgia
MOUTAIN Colorado Northern Arizona
SOUTH CENTRAL Arkansas Texas
WEST Oregon Stanford
At-Large Teams: (# of wins)

  1. BYU (10)
  2. Portland (9)
  3. Wisconsin (9)
  4. New Mexico (9)
  5. Syracuse (9)
  6. Providence (5)
  7. Dartmouth (2)*
  8. Harvard (4)
  9. Notre Dame (4)
  10. Arizona State (3)*
  11. Washington (4)
  12. Southern Utah (0)*
  13. Colorado State (3)

Women’s Kolas Qualifiers   Full Women’s List

Auto Teams:

1 2
NORTHEAST Providence Dartmouth
MID-ATLANTIC Georgetown Princeton
SOUTHEAST Virginia William & Mary
GREAT LAKES Michigan State Butler
MIDWEST Iowa State Minnesota
SOUTH Florida State Florida
MOUNTAIN New Mexico Colorado
SOUTH CENTRAL Arkansas Texas A&M
WEST Arizona Washington
At-Large Teams: (#of wins)

  1. Michigan (4)
  2. Oregon (4)
  3. San Francisco (3)
  4. Syracuse (2)
  5. Cornell (3)
  6. Notre Dame (3)
  7. Harvard (3)
  8. Ohio State (0)*
  9. Indiana (6)
  10. Boston College (3)
  11. Wisconsin (3)
  12. Vanderbilt (3)
  13. BYU (2)

Good luck to all.

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