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Regional XC Results – 39 punch their ticket


Regional meets are about one thing and one thing only. Punching your ticket to Terre Haute in 8 days time. Here’s a roundup of how the British and Irish athletes fared in attempting this.

[colored_box color=”red”]These results are provisional and are based off KOLAS calculator. The official qualifiers will be released on Monday but we do not expect them to change.[/colored_box]

Chris O’Hare, in his penultimate race in the NCAA before turning pro,  took the Midwest victory for the second successive year and in doing so led his Tulsa team to a historic automatic qualification,  behind Tom Farrell’s Oklahoma State. OSU still remain favourites for the National title and very much played Regionals true to form by running in a controlled pack, putting their 5 counters in positions 7 through 11. Textbook Dave Smith.

The Great Lakes region, the Butler girls lived up to their promise and qualified in second place with Katie Clark their top stick in 4th. Tom Curr led Butler’s men home in 16th and takes the final individual spot.

In the Northeast, Friars’ Sarah Collins qualified both on merit and as part of a potential NCAA team, while Kate Avery took matters into her own hands with  a 5th place finish. Matt Gillespie took 2nd in the men’s race followed by no less than 6 more British and Irish men inside the top 20. Harvard, Iona, Providence all through.

In the South Central region, Ash Harrell transferred his Euro XC pedigree onto the NCAA course with an 11th place finish which automatically qualifies him individually for Nationals. Leigh Lattimore (14th) and Jo Adams (17th) were the best placed women.

At the South region, Hannah Walker, Eli Kirk and Pippa Woolven all finish in top 10. Zak Seddon top male through in 19th.

New Mexico men started off the season heavily fancied for an high place finish at Nationals but will have to rely on at at-large bid as they were edged out by NAU and Colorado in a tough Mountain region. Luke Caldwell is through as an individual qualifier regardless. New Mexico women progressed easily.

Southeast Region School Time QUAL
44 Vicky Fouhy Virginia 21:35 Team
South Central Region
14 Leigh Lattimore Lamar 20:50
17 Jo Adams North Texas 21:03
19 Louise Webb Lamar 21:08
40 Rachel Robinson Lamar 21:52
50 Holly Archer SMU 22:07 Team
63 Claire Arnold Lamar 22:23
66 Amy Talbot McNeese State 22:30
11 Ash Harrell Lamar 30:28 Indiv
16 David Flynn Arkansas 30:49 Team
22 Harry Sagel Rice 31:04
27 Ryan Saunders Lamar 31:10
29 Sam Stabler Lamar 31:14
38 Michael Kershaw Lamar 31:36
97 Ryan Creech Lamar 33:22
Northeast Region
3 Sarah Collins Providence 20:01 Team
5 Kate Avery Iona 20:03 Indiv
21 Eimear Black Bryant 20:53
31 Molly Renfer Harvard 21:08
88 Lorraine McCarthy Stony Brook 22:09
102 Tara Jameson Iona 22:23
142 Martha Reynolds Bryant 22:49
2 Matt Gillespie Iona 30:18 Team
7 Shane Quinn Providence 30:24 Indiv
11 Kevin Dooney Yale 30:28 Indiv
14 Dan Clorley Iona 30:34 Team
15 Ben Connor Providence 30:34 Team
19 Jake Byrne Iona 30:39 Team
20 Keiran Clements Iona 30:40 Team
38 Harvey Dixon Providence 31:08 Team
40 Tom Purnell Harvard 31:14 Team
41 Rich Peters Boston 31:16
99 Adam Cotton Harvard 32:17 Team
Midwest Region
1 Chris O’Hare Tulsa 30:27 Team
5 Marc Scott Tulsa 30:34 Team
6 Andy Heyes Tulsa 30:35 Team
7 Tom Farrell OSU 30:36 Team
52 Liam Markham Illinois 31:26 Team
110 Jake McDonnell Tulsa 32:33 Team
35 Natasha Cockram Tulsa 21:22
56 Eji Okoro Iowa State 21:43 Team
Great Lakes Region
16 Tom Curr Butler 30:43 Indiv
35 Harry Ellis Butler 31:25
42 Tom Anderson Butler 31:32
4 Katie Clark Butler 20:19 Team
23 Kirsty Legg Butler 20:58 Team
26 Katie Good Butler 21:02 Team
West Region
29 Gina Paletta Portland 20:20
Mountain Region
3 Charlotte Arter New Mexico 20:34 Team
13 Calli Thackery New Mexico 20:57 Team
18 Tamara Armoush New Mexico 21:05 Team
29 Nicole Roberts New Mexico 21:23 Team
35 Nicola Hood New Mexico 21:30 Team
6 Luke Caldwell New Mexico 29:46 Team
8 Adam Bitchell New Mexico 29:47 Team
49 Ross Matheson New Mexico 30:44 Team
South Region
19 Zak Seddon FSU 30:36
76 Kurtis Gibson Belmont 31:47
77 Andrew Monaghan Miss State 31:48
110 Joe Gratton South Alabama 32:38
145 Patrick Monaghan Miss State 33:55
4 Hannah Walker FSU 20:03 Team
5 Eli Kirk UAB 20:07 Indiv
7 Pippa Woolven FSU 20:15 Team
12 Rhianwedd Price Miss State 20:33
34 Georgia Peel FSU 20:59 Team
83 Sarah Livett UAB 21:50



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