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Week 3 Indoor Results – Peters & Gillespie impress

The track of choice for Oregon Project's record attempts

NCAA Indoor season is officially open for business. After a few low-key weeks leading up, this week saw the Boston Terrier Invitational on the extremely fast BU indoor facility, now commonly associated with Oregon Project’s indoor record attempts.

Perhaps somewhat fittingly, on what would have been Steve Prefontainne’s 63rd birthday, Galen Rupp took the American 2 mile record down to an implausible 8:07 at Boston. Salazar’s athletes swerve the very British idealogy behind using cross country for strength during the winter months, albeit in a US environment slightly less conducive to a XC season after college than in Britain. Instead Rupp has been working on his speed and will attempt the US mile indoor record again in the coming months, looking for sub 3:50. Remains to be seen whether he carry such form outdoors, which he failed to do last year.

Anyway, we digress. Away from the professional ranks at this meet, the depth was again second-t0-none. In the men’s 3000m, a charge of British & Irish athletes were led through by Matt Gillespie and Rich Peters, 1st and 2nd respectively, in 7:52 (video). Both times should be enough to qualify them in the top 16 come the season cut-off for Nationals. Not content with 7:52, Gillespie had already posted a 4:01 mile shortly before. Why not?! Iona graduate Mitch Goose also featured in this race, racing unattached he clocked 4:04.

Remember that qualification to Nationals in Albuquerque relies on a top 16 ranking in the event. No longer auto and provisional times are considered.

Sprint-wise, LSU’s Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake’s 20.98 over the one lap will be on the periphery in a month’s time for qualification.

Arguably the best performance on the ladies’ side came from milers Georgia Peel (altitude adjusted) and Eli Kirk. Peel’s 4:38, and Kirk’s 4:39 (UAB school and facility record), will again be perhaps agonisingly close to qualification basing off last year’s benchmark of 4:36. The two still have plenty of time to further lower their time.

Elsewhere, Tulsa alumni Chris O’Hare took a win in his first professional race winning the 1500m in the Glasgow International match in 3:48. After a pedestrian pace up to 1280m, O’Hare turned on the style to narrowly win from Charlie Grice and a fairly dazed Kenyan who closed too quickly after being 10m adrift at the bell. Former Lobo Lee Emanuel showed he is great shape ahead of 2014, with a 3:54 mile win at the New Balance Games in Boston, while former Butler Bulldog returned to form with 7:59 3000m win in Indiana.

Dick Taylor UNC Challenge External Results
60 8 7.4 Joseph Hutchinson North Carolina Uni
LJ 15 5.96 Joseph Hutchinson North Carolina Uni
SP 8 12.7 Joseph Hutchinson North Carolina Uni
Arkansas State Invitational External Results
Mile 3 05:05.8 Amy Talbot McNeese State Uni
3000 h2 3 08:43.1 Jonathan Burgess Central Arkansas Uni
3001 h2 9 08:50.6 Joe Gratton South Alabama
5000 1 15:16.7 Ryan Holroyd McNeese State Uni
Cherry and Silver Collegiate Invitational External Results
800 h1 3 01:52.0 Oliver Aitchison Adams State Uni
800 h1 4 02:14.4 Georgia Peel FSU
800 h2 2 02:16.0 Tamara Armoush New Mexico Uni
801 h2 6 02:19.7 Nicole Roberts New Mexico Uni
Mile h1 1 04:44.6 Georgia Peel FSU
Mile h1 5 04:50.8 Hannah Walker FSU
Mile h1 10 05:12.4 Pippa Woolven FSU
3000 h1 1 09:34.6 Hannah Walker FSU
3001 h1 2 09:40.9 Pippa Woolven FSU
Gladstein Invitational External Results
Mile 1 04:15.3 Marcus Bridger-Wilkinson Belmont
Mile 4 04:08.2 Kieran Reilly Indiana
3000 2 07:59.7 Rob Mullett Ex-Butler
3000 9 08:11.9 Tom Anderson Butler
3000 11 08:22.3 Tom Curr Butler
3000 7 09:48.3 Katie Good Butler
60m H 4 9.28 Holly Pattie-Belleli Missouri State
LJ 12 5.36 Gemma Smith Missouri State
LJ 24 4.58 Holly Pattie-Belleli Missouri State
Hoya Spiked Shoe Club Invitational External Results
Mile 6 05:07.8 Rochelle Harrison La Salle
Jacksons Invitational/NB Boise Indoor External Results
Mile 8 04:17.9 Rhys Park Boise State
John Thomas Terrier Invitational External Results
60 7 6.98 Dannish Walker-Khan LIU Brooklyn
200 h2 3 21.74 Dannish Walker-Khan LIU Brooklyn
200 h8 5 22.93 Adam Walker-Khan LIU Brooklyn
200 h11 4 22.59 Efe Uwaifo LIU Brooklyn
400 h20 1 50.11 Adam Walker-Khan LIU Brooklyn
799 h1 8 01:53.8 Henry Tufnell Brown
800 h1 9 01:54.0 Stuart Ross Boston
1500 (split) 04:15.2 Charlotte Browning Ex-Florida
Mile h1 3 04:33.8 Charlotte Browning Ex-Florida
Mile h2 5 04:47.5 Molly Renfer Harvard
Mile h3 10 05:04.5 Martha Reynolds Bryant
Mile h1 6 04:01.9 Matthew Gillespie Iona
Mile h1 7 04:04.6 Mitch Goose Ex-Iona
Mile h2 8 04:04.4 Daniel Clorley Iona
Mile h3 1
Jake Byrne Iona
3000 h1 2 07:52.2 Matthew Gillespie Iona
3000 h1 3 07:52.6 Richard Peters Boston
3000 h1 6 08:02.2 Kieran Clements Iona
3000 h1 9 08:04.3 Kevin Cooper Providence
3000 h1 10 08:05.6 Tom Purnell Harvard
3000 h1 11 08:12.3 Mitch Goose Ex-Iona
3000 h1 13 08:18.2 Harvey Dixon Providence
5000 h1 3 14:18.0 Ben Connor Providence
New Balance Games External Results
Mile 1 03:54.3 Lee Emanuel Ex-New Mexico
Rod McCravy Memorial External Results
400 h2 1 46.97 George Caddick Baylor
Mile h1 1 04:07.9 Luke Carroll Illinois
3000 h1 9 08:13.9 Liam Markham Illinois
3000 h1 8 09:33.2 Vicky Fouhy Virginia
TJ 3 15.25 Jonathan Ilori Missouri
Vanderbilt Indoor Invitational External Results
Mile h1 6 04:07.2 Patrick Monaghan Miss State
Mile h1 1 04:39.1 Elinor Kirk UAB
Mile h1 2 04:42.1 Rhianwedd Price Miss State
Mile h3 2 05:02.90 Sarah Livett UAB
3000 h2 4 08:20.5 Andrew Monaghan Miss State
3000 h2 7 09:44.9 Holly Archer SMU
TJ 1 15.96 Ben Williams Louisville
Wisconsin Elite Invitational External Results
5000M 7 18:53.2 Claire McAuley Northern Illinois Uni
AFA Combined Meets Event & AF Invitational External Results
60 P 9.82 Isobel Brown Colorado State
800 P 02:47.6 Isobel Brown Colorado State
HJ P 1.61 Isobel Brown Colorado State
LJ P 5.24 Isobel Brown Colorado State
SP P 9.59 Isobel Brown Colorado State
Total 15 3110 Isobel Brown Colorado State
Cornell Invitational External Results
400 2 52.8 Paul Cave Clarke Uni
Eastern Illinois Invitational External Results
Mile 5 05:16.9 Emma Gilmore Murray State
3000 5 10:24.8 Abbie Oliver Murray State
J.D. Martin Invitational External Results
Mile 5 04:25.8 Stephen Broadhurst Oklahoma City Uni
Texas A&M Triangular External Results
200 2 20.98 Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake LSU


Watch more video of BU John Thomas Terrier Invitational 2014 on flotrack.orga

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