Division 1 Track and Field Scholarship Standards - USA Athletics Scholarships

Division 1 Track and Field Scholarship Standards

There is no such thing as a set track scholarship standard. Coaches uses these times merely as guidelines. Instead, the standards will be used alongside the following criteria:

  • Times and PBs – How quick you have ran, or how far you have thrown or jumped
  • Your racing ability and championship form – Do you win a lot of races?
  • Training age – Are you new to the sport?
  • Progression – Have you been improving quickly?
  • Attitude – Have you got what it takes to be part of their team?
  • Academics – Can a coach offer your academic aid instead? Can you keep up with the academic pace?

As a guideline, we feel we can acquire athletics scholarships for athletes of the following standards. We may use academic aid alongside this so the better your grades are, the easier it will be for us.

THESE ARE ONLY GUIDELINES. We have secured athletes with slower times before so please still apply.

Event Men Event Women
100 10.8s or better 100 12.0s or better
110H 14.9s or better 100H 14.5s or better
200 22.0s or better 200 25.0s or better
400 49.0s or better 400 57.0s or better
400H 56.0s or better 400H 65.0s or better
800 1:54 or better 800 2:15 or better
1500 3:55 or better 1500 4:45 or better
3000 8:40 or better 3000 10:20 or better
3000SC 9:30 or better 2000SC 7:15 or better
5000 15:00 or better 5000 18:00 or better
10000 32:00 or better 10000 37:00 or better
XC Pedigree at National Level/Schools XC Pedigree at National Level/Schools
LJ 6.80m or better LJ 5.80 or better
TJ 14.0m or better TJ 12.0 or better
HJ 2.05m or better HJ 1.65 or better
PV 5m or better PV 11 or better
Shot 15m or better Shot 15 or better
Javelin 60m or better Javelin 40 or better
Decathlon 6500 points or better Heptathlon 4500 points or better


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