10 Dos & Donts for Incoming Freshman - USA Athletics Scholarships

10 Dos & Donts for Incoming Freshman


Some dos and don’ts for incoming international students this year…

1)      Do sign up to all the major airline loyalty programmes (US and International) – It will pay off further down the line when you can earn a free or discounted flight.

2)      Do not take too much stuff with you – Chances are you will accumulate plenty of new clothes and items whilst in the US.

3)      Do not be stubborn in refusing to acknowledge some of the differences with American language – e.g practice / training, soccer / football, workout / session.

4)      Do attend a college football game within the first month, even just for the fun and experience of being there.

5)      Do not rush to try and impress in early training sessions. It is a long season and all athletes will take time to adapt to the differences.

6)      Do try to create a good early impression with professors. They are usually more supportive of sporting commitments than those in the UK and will understand if you have to miss classes or deadlines due to athletic competition

7)      Do keep an eye on the differences in quality and ingredients between UK and US food. More effort can sometimes be required to eat healthily in the US.

8)      Do register for a social security number. Useful to have if you are likely to ever be seeking work in the US, either part-time during college or post-college

9)      Do not try to call home too much. Easier said than done in some cases, but the fact is that you will be away from home for much of the next 1-5 years so you need to get used to it.

10)   Do not panic or be offended if asked to redshirt your first cross, indoor, or outdoor season(s). This will be the coach thinking long term that you will be more prepared to compete further down the line.

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