Notre Dame XC Invitational - British results

Notre Dame Invitational


The most prolific Brit-recruiting coach of the last decade was at it again last night in South Bend, as coach Joe Franklin’s New Mexico teams finished 1st (womens) and 3rd (mens) place in the Notre Dame Invitational. With a total of 16 British athletes across both rosters, many of these performed well last night in the first big meet of the 2014 cross country season.

Leading the way in the womens race was Charlotte Arter who scored an impressive 8 second victory over SMU’s Agnes Sjorstrom. She led the Lobo ladies to a comprehensive team victory over North Carolina State. Quite uniquely, the entire New Mexico scoring five was made up of British athletes, with the highlight behind Arter being reshirt Freshman Alice Wright who finished 8th. There were three other New Mexico females in the top 20 – Cali Thackery (9th), Nicola Hood (13th), and Tamara Armoush (18th). The only non New Mexico Brit to finish inside the top 50 was SMU’s Holly Archer (28th).

British performances in the mens race were collectively not quite up to the very high standard we have come to expect from this meet over the last few years, with only Adam Bitchell finishing inside the top 15. He led another large contingent of New Mexico Brits to third place in the team race. However, it is worth noting that there were a number of big race débutantes from the Lobo men, so we would expect as the season goes on for them to improve as experience of the collegiate meets is gained.

Results are below. Please alert us as to any omissions

11 Adam Bitchell New Mexico 23:35.8
17 Alex Cornwell New Mexico 23:43.0
20 Ross Matheson New Mexico 23:45.7
29 Marc Scott Tulsa 23:51.9
30 Daniel Studley New Mexico 23:52.5
32 Jack Goodwin Florida Stat 23:54.8
53 Zak Seddon Florida Stat 24:14.0
72 Jake Shelley New Mexico 24:23.4
90 Matthew Bergin New Mexico 24:28.2
94 Tom Curr Butler 24:30.4
165 Haran Dunderdale Bradley 25:14.0
170 Harry Ellis Butler 25:15.8
1 Charlotte Arter New Mexico 16:09.3
8 Alice Wright New Mexico 16:23.3
9 Calli Thackery New Mexico 16:24.5
13 Nicola Hood New Mexico 16:36.1
18 Tamara Armoush New Mexico 16:44.7
28 Holly Archer SMU 16:53.3
46 Emily Hosker-Thornhill New Mexico 17:04.9
63 Rosie Hiles Bradley 17:13.7
74 Nicole Roberts New Mexico 17:18.6
87 Natasha Cockram Tulsa 17:25.5
131 Olivia O’Hare Tulsa 17:57.7

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