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Wisco Invite and Pre-Nats & More

Picture from Michael Scott (https://twitter.com/urimiscott/status/523429857783341056)

With key NCAA points qualifying races taking place such as Wisconsin and Pre-Nats, this past weekend was clearly the biggest of the regular season. Unfortunately for the majority of the British and Irish athletes who competed, it will not go down as a memorable one.

Hopefully we have not set the bar to be too high, but compared to the extremely high standards set over the past few seasons, to only have one athlete (male or female) finish in the top 10 at these two meets can be considered a little disappointing.

The one athlete who did make a top 10 at Wisconsin was Shane Quinn of Providence (10th). He appears to be much improved this season and will no doubt have an eye on an All-American placing at Terre Haute in a month’s time. Quinn was followed closely home in 11th by fellow countryman Jake Byrne of Iona. Ben Connor was the leading Brit in 31st.

On the women’s side, Jo Franklin’s army of British females were out in force again, though this time couldn’t match the team win of Notre Dame from two weeks ago. Charlotte Arter won the domestic battle, coming home in 29th position.
Pick of the bunch at Pre-Nats was Tulsa’s Marc Scott, whose 11th placed finish was certainly the best collegiate cross country result of his career so far.

Away from the two headline meetings, Matt Clowes was the best of the rest from the weekends results. The Concordia number one picked up yet another collegiate win, this time taking top spot at the Lewis & Clarke Invitational.

Whilst we may have sounded a little negative in our opening line, we are of course fully aware that championship medals are not handed out in October and there is still plenty of time for the athletes to find their stride in time for the business end of the season in late November. Whilst the top end may have struggled, lots of encouragement can be taken from the fact that we had a total of 30 athletes finish in the top 100 across both genders and both meets.

We expect next weekend to be a quiet one, with only a handful of conference meetings taking place. The majority of these will be held in two weekends time between 31 Oct – 2 Nov.

Pre Nats
11 24:24.5 Marc Scott Tulsa
27 24:08.4 Kevin Dooney Yale
48 25:03.4 Sean Tobin Mississippi
147 25:44.5 Kyle Larkin Wichita
161 25:50.8 Jake McDonnell Tulsa
164 25:52.0 Jonathan Burgess Central Arkansas
Open Race
10 26:03.8 Peter Hodkinson Tulsa
16 26:18.3 Haran Dunderdale Bradley
20 26:18.3 Michael Ward Bradley
58 21:41.6 Leigh Lattimore Lamar
59 21:42.2 Una Britton Eastern Kentucky
71 21:47.4 Rosie Hiles Bradley
84 21:55.7 Verity Ockenden Lamar
163 22:30.7 Natasha Cockram Tulsa
230 23:01.6 Laura Riches Butler
240 23:09.3 Stacie Taylor Tulsa
278 23:56.9 Katie Good Butler
Wisconsin Invitational 
10 23:56 Shane Quinn Providence
11 23:58 Jake Byrne Iona
31 24:12 Benjamin Connor Providence
32 24:12 Adam Bitchell New Mexico
35 24:12 Sam Stabler Lamar
41 24:16 Daniel Studley New Mexico
48 24:20 Jack Goodwin Florida State
59 24:23 Alex George Arkansas
72 24:27 Zak Seddon Florida State
77 24:29 Jake Shelley New Mexico
87 24:33 Tom Purnell Harvard
88 24:33 Michael Vennard Boise State
96 24:36 Ross Matheson New Mexico
116 24:45 Alex Cornwell New Mexico
124 26:46 William Paulson Princeton
127 24:49 Kieran Reilly Indiana
143 24:56 Michael Kershaw Lamar
161 25:04 Ryan Creech Lamar
165 25:05 Harvey Dixon Providence
175 25:11 Alex Dunbar Lamar
190 25:18 Antony Taylor Florida State
64 26:19 Stuart Ferguson Lamar
29 20:28 Charlotte Arter New Mexico
36 20:33 Rosie Clarke Iona
42 20:37 Alice Wright New Mexico
46 20:40 Tara Jameson Iona
48 20:42 Olivia Sadler Columbia
50 20:44 Iona Lake Virginia
53 20:45 Cali Thackery New Mexico
72 20:53 Georgia Peel Florida State
75 20:55 Tamara Armoush New Mexico
78 20:59 Nicola Hood New Mexico
86 21:04 Melissa Hawtin Iona
87 21:05 Pippa Woolven Florida State
128 21:30 Molly Renfer Harvard
145 21:37 Holly Archer SMU
149 21:38 Emily Hosker-Thornhill New Mexico
2 21:03 Nicole Roberts New Mexico
11 21:19 Anna Burton New Mexico
35 21:56 Chloe Anderson New Mexico
Rajin Caguns Invitational
5 19:54.4 Nathan Jones McNeese State
6 19:56.7 Oliver James McNeese State
8 20:20.0 Ryan Holroyd McNeese State
22 21:53.6 Bradley Traviss McNeese State
Crimson Classic 
9 25:50.6 Robbie Farnham-Rose Alabama
45 26:11.5 Marcus Bridger-Wilkinson Belmont
57 26:21.1 Joe Gratton South Alabama
132 27:39.1 Patrick Monaghan Mississippi State
2 17:15.1 Rhianwedd Price Mississippi State
16 17:51.5 Lucy Crookes UAB
19 17:59.5 Sarah Livett UAB
37 18:16.6 Rebecca Evans UAB
38 18:17.1 Niamh Kearney Georgia State
193 20:52.9 Kristie Leybourne UAB
Brown University Rothenberg XC Meet
12 18:13.9 Martha Reynolds Bryant
Lewis & Clark Invitational 
1 24:50.2 Matthew Clowes Concordia
Fort Hays State Tiger Open
40 24:42.7 Oliver Aitchison Adams State
Bradley Classic
79 22:40.6 Emma Gilmore Murray State
195 23:40.1 Abbie Oliver Murray State
Santa Clara University Bronco Invitational
17 24:03.8 Ben Branagh Oklahoma State
24 24:11.2 Matthew Fayers Oklahoma State
45 21:32.9 Kaylee Dodd Oklahoma State
Princeton Invitational 
27 24:46:00 Neil Gourley Virginia Tech
Open Race
5 24:40:00 Liam Dee Iona

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