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Fan Feature – Derek Rubis


In the amended words of Chazz Michael Michaels, “Derek Rubis is collegiate track and cross country.” We caught up with the superfan himself to find out more and get his thoughts on the NCAA this year.

- Can you explain to people who don’t know you, why you are the biggest cross country fan in the USA (maybe the world!)

Because I love the sport that not a lot of people can do.

- As someone who was a former NCAA athlete, I received a ‘face in hole’ from you, a friend request on facebook and also numerous congratulatory messages which were always appreciated. Why did you start ‘face in holing’ athletes?

Because I saw someone else do it and thought it would be fun to do

- Who is your favorite athlete facebook friend and why?

Julian Oakley, cause he is the best New Zealand runner that I admire.

- You have always been a big follower of British and Irish runners. Is there any reason for that?

I have always loved British TV & Music, all my life. I am a collector of the Now CDs from the UK as well.

- Who is your favorite British/ Irish athlete and why?

Ciaran O’Lionaird, have you seen his sick abs and sick calves? Also, just the way he runs races.

- Are you looking forward to the NCAA XC this year?

I am so looking forward to NCAA XC this year and hope it is better than last year because I didn’t get to meet my Scottish Distance Running Idol Chris O’Hare.

- What are your predictions?

– 1. Mens team? – Colorado Men’s Team

– 2. Mens individual? – Blake Theroux

– 3. Top British Irish Male? – Adam Bitchell

– 4. Top British/Irish Female – Anna Burton

– 4. Women’s team? – New Mexico

– 5. Women’s individual? – Katy Moen

- You are a big collector of singlets from college teams. What is your favorite one?

The new New Mexico one that I got because they hand did a British Flag in the singlet.

- What is the #BritIrishtakeover to you?

It means more than friends, it means family to me and people that I will care about for life.

- Can we bring back the #BritIrishtakeover?

Yes, we sure can



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