23 British and Irish athletes qualify for NCAA XC Championship

Regional Results


Unofficially 28 of the British and Irish athletes survived yesterdays regional cut and have secured their tickets to Terre Haute next Saturday for the 2014 NCAA DI Cross Country Championships.This is the absolute minimum number and could go up depending on whether any athletes didn’t compete for qualifying teams yesterday and will do in Terre Haute. There is also a chance that we may have missed one or two.

Regionals follows quite a complicated, but generally positively viewed qualifying process and how teams and atheltes qualified yesterday can be summarised as:

-Teams finishing in the top 2 in their region automatically qualify for the NCAA meet

-Teams not finishing in the top 2: Points are allocated to these teams depending on how they did earlier in the season against teams who did finish in the top two. A very simple summary of a complicated system but it is how the remaining 13 of the 31 teams are determined.

-Individuals – The first 4 individuals in each region NOT part of a qualifying team will advance to the NCAA Championship.

That is a summary of the criteria, how did the Brit Irish contingent get on?

The highlight yesterday had to be in the North East where we can boast of a superb Brit / Irish 1,2,3,4 in the mens race. Jake Byrne of Iona took the title ahead of Ben Connor (Providence / UK) and then the Irish duo of Kevin Dooney (Providence) and Shane Quinn (Providence). There was also a British 1,2 in the womens race. Kate Avery (Iona) warmed up for Terre Haute with a comfortable win over fellow Brit and team mate Rosie Clarke. Kate Avery was 3rd last year at the NCAA meet and with this kind of form, she is expected to put together another serious title attempt.

Across the other regions there were a number of individual and team qualifiers. Sam Stabler continued his excellent season to finish 3rd in the South Central reason to book his individual ticket. Freshman Alex George also appears to have adapted to NCAA life well and is making an instant impact as part of the Arkansas Razorback team. He finished an excellent 6th in the same race.

Once again, the entire New Mexico women’s scoring team was made up of British athletes, with Alice Wright managing to claim the individual home win in Albuquerque. Joe Franklin has taken teams almost entirely made up of British athletes to the podium before in the form of Butler, and it will be interesting to see how this group can do next week. Despite a only finishing 7th, the New Mexico men did qualify from the Mountain Region, by virtue of stronger performances earlier in the season.

Florida State men and women qualified comfortably from the South region, both teams with multiple British athletes. We also had several individual qualifiers come out of that region: Sean Tobin (Mississippi) and Rhianwedd Price (Mississippi State) both had excellent top 4 finishes to secure their spots.

Marc Scott (Tulsa) produced one of the finest runs of his collegiate cross country career to date to finish 2nd in the strong Mid-West regional meet. The Yorkshireman will certainly be targeting a top 40 All-American finish next week.

Below are the known results of the British and Irish results from the 9 regional meets that took place yesterday. We have entered these manually so are bound to have missed a few so please do let us know of any omissions. Apologies for the formatting, they have been taken directly from the results source. The ‘Q’s refer to athletes who have unofficially qualified for the NCAA Championship.

For full results of all regions, see here 

Once the official list of qualifiers is announced, we will as usual for an NCAA ever give a full preview of all the British and Irish representatives. We will also take a look at the British and Irish qualifying criteria for the European Cross Country Championships taking place in December, and see how this potentially impacts on NCAA based athletes.

North East
1  Jake Byrne              30:26.12 Iona Q
2  Benjamin Connor         30:29.12 Providence Q
3  Kevin Dooney            30:30.12 Yale Q
4  Shane Quinn             30:31.12 Providence Q
12  Kieran Clements         30:39.12 Iona Q
17  Tom Purnell             30:46.12 Harvard Q
36 Aaron Hanlon            31:17.72 Providence Q
80 Hugh Armstrong          31:54.13 Providence Q
1  Kate Avery              19:49.45 Iona Q
2  Rosie Clarke            20:12.84 Iona Q
6  Tara Jameson            20:19.66 Iona Q
18  Molly Renfer            20:54.81 Harvard
32  Olivia Sadler           21:12.67 Columbia
 143  Martha Reynolds         22:46.84 Bryant
Mid Atlantic
17  Siofra Cleirigh Buttner, Fr21:10    5:40  Villanova
43 Neil Gourley              SO Virginia Tech          31:14.5
3 Iona Lake                 JR Virginia               20:23.5 Q
43 Una Britton               SR Eastern Kentucky       21:16.7
65 Anna Reddin               JR Eastern Kentucky       21:38.0   64
Great Lakes
55  Tom Curr             SR   31:25 Butler
62 Kieran Reilly        FR   31:31 Indiana
83  Laura Riches         JR   21:51 Butler
183 Katie Good           SR   23:39 Butler
South Central
3 Sam Stabler               SR Lamar                  29:35.9 Q
 6 Alex George               FR Arkansas               29:55.0 Q
24 Alex Dunbar               JR Lamar                  30:26.0
30 Michael Kershaw           SR Lamar                  30:33.0
31 Ryan Holroyd              SR McNeese State          30:36.6
35 Oliver James              SO McNeese State          30:44.5
37 Ryan Creech               SR Lamar                  30:49.8
40 Ryan Saunders             SR Lamar                  31:00.8
54 Nathan Jones              FR McNeese State          31:22.4
102 Stuart Ferguson           JR Lamar                  32:18.1
17 Leigh Lattimore           SR Lamar                  20:52.0
23 Verity Ockenden           JR Lamar                  21:02.6
45 Gemma Bridge              JR McNeese State          21:42.2
98 Louise Webb               SR Lamar                  23:05.4
4 #327 Tobin, Sean          FR Mississippi           30:19.30 Q
 6 #152 Goodwin, Jack        JR Florida State         30:20.70 Q
15 #158 Seddon, Zak          JR Florida State         30:55.70 Q
16  #51 Bridger-Wilkinson, Marcus  JR Belmont   30:57.20
58 #309 Monaghan, Andrew     JR Miss State            31:50.10
82 #310 Monaghan, Patrick    JR Miss State            32:18.20
3 #305 Price, Rhianwedd     SO Miss State            19:37.20 Q
5 #150 Woolven, Pippa       JR Florida State         19:47.90 Q
26 #419 Crookes, Lucy        JR Uab     20:30.60
38 #146 Peel, Georgia        JR Florida State         20:43.40 Q
61 #420 Evans, Rebecca       FR Uab       21:02.9
98 #421 Livett, Sarah        SO Uab      21:32.40
121 #184 Kearney, Niamh       SR Georgia State         21:54.20
24 #354 Matheson, Ross       SR New Mexico              3:02.5   30:24.28  Q
26 #356 Studley, Daniel      JR New Mexico              3:03.2   30:31.59 Q
33 #355 Shelley, Jake        SR New Mexico              3:05.2   30:51.74 Q
44 #346 Bergin, Matthew      JR New Mexico              3:07.4   31:13.53 Q
70 #350 Cornwell, Alex       SR New Mexico              3:12.4   32:03.26 Q
 1 #186 Wright, Alice        FR New Mexico              3:28.6   20:51.10 Q
3 #175 Arter, Charlotte     SR New Mexico              3:31.0   21:05.93 Q
10 #184 Thackery, Calli      JR New Mexico              3:34.6   21:27.39 Q
18 #176 Burton, Anna         JR New Mexico              3:37.4   21:44.06 Q
24 #178 Hood, Nicola         SR New Mexico              3:38.8   21:52.56 Q
2 Marc Scott 30:10.4 JR – Tulsa Q
62 Micheal Ward 31:09.2 FR – Bradley
49 Rosie Hiles 21:13.9 SR – Bradley
56 Natasha Cockram 21:22.8 SR – Tulsa

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