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The Student-Athlete’s New Year’s Resolution

2015 gold road

Matt Gillespie has profiled past and current NCAA athletes about what they’re looking for in 2015. He’s assembled quite a cast. Some run of the mill request, and some that are a little out there.


Adam Bitchell (New Mexico)

  • To test my academic abilities, by attempting to maintain a 4.0 GPA whilst doing less than 30 minutes of school work per week.
  • Maintain my 100% record of watching every EastEnders episode since moving to Albuquerque in 2012.
  • Banish the word ‘soccer’ from my vocabulary entirely.
  • I’d love to win a Mountain West Individual Conference Title in my last season (indoors) as a Lobo

Jake Byrne (Iona)

  • To stop wishing I stuck with football whilst dry heaving after a tough race
  • To correct my Grandpa Joe-esque running form
  • To motivate ex-Gael Matt Gillespie to get back to running and losing the gut he’s cultivating

Alex Carter (Iona)

  • Dedicate more time to recovery and eat less of my room-mates food!

Kieran Clements (Iona)

  • My new year’s running resolution is to not break my foot mid-run again.
  • To ration the care packages mummy sends over a little better. Four scones a day is a little excessive.

Rhian Dawes (McNeese)

  • My resolution for the New Year is to go to infinity and beyond … or at least have fun during the track season and hopefully run some personal bests!

Liam Dee (Iona)

  • If I had any New Year’s resolution it would be to eat more, run more, win a bit

Matt Gillespie (Ex-Iona)

  • No excuses, what you want, just get it done.
  • Get dominos off my speed dial.
  • Shed some unwanted poundage before beach season.

Mitch Goose (Ex-Iona)

  • To be less of a softie and ice bath more often.

Neil Gourley (Virginia Tech)

  • Stay healthy

Ross Matheson (New Mexico)

  • (Indoors) get as close to 4 minutes for the mile as I can, (outdoors) run close to 3:40, hopefully in one of the California races. Then make the decision to either stay in the NCAA for another year or return to Scotland to begin work. Plus the generic “stay healthy and injury free”

Steven Morrow (ex-Tulsa)

  • Continue to round down my PBs

Jo Moultrie (New Mexico 2011-2013)

  • To keep on top of all the little things with running i.e. Stretching/foam rolling etc
  • Take more pictures.
  • To not over-think things.

Kathryn Pennel (North Texas)

  • I guess I’m just hoping to be able to run again. I got run over by a car in October and broke my tibia so I’m hoping I’ll be running by March. So my New Year’ss resolution should probably be to avoid cars.

Molly Renfer (Harvard)

  • To run naked…not literally but by running more by feel as I tend to rely on my Garmin a lot for pacing
  • To acknowledge that recovery and rest is just as important as training

Olivia Sadler (Columbia)

  • Umm running resolution…probably to dress more appropriately for the weather, not to spit when people are around and then accidentally get them, and to be able to do 1 pull up by the end of the season.

Marc Scott (Tulsa)

  • My New Year’s resolution is to ensure I roll out and stretch every day! Although it may not seem essential at the time, later in the season when the workload increases, problems often arise unexpectedly. This can be a dominant factor to the success of your season!

Jake Shelley (New Mexico)

  • To enjoy my last term in the NCAA as much as possible and to run 10 miles in 10 countries in 10 days whilst inter-railing in the summer!

Abbie Hetherington (Oklahoma State)

  • Probably to ice bath at least twice a week after work outs because I’m awful at it.

Ethan Heywood (Ex-Iona)

  •  My New Year’s resolution is to run faster and be more positive about results. Pretty much a walking cliché if you ask me!

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