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XC Weekend Results – Dunbar & Lake Impresses

2013-10-04 17.11.20

Iona LakeIona Lake put her name out there again at the weekend. Last year’s 102nd placer at the NCAA DI Championships performance at the weekend at the Panorama Farms Invite was the performance of the weekend by any domestic athlete. The Virginia athlete may have just won her home meet, but it was a convincing one and with a time of 16:45 suggests she could have her eyes set on an All American slot this year. 2015 1500m Champ Rhianwedd Price was back down in 17th place, far from disgraceful over the cross.

On the men’s side, Ireland’s Ryan Creech (although running unattached) and Alex Dunbar both went under the 24:00 for 8k. Now, for those of you who are familiar with the site, we try not to attach too much significance to XC times since it is farcical. However, even assuming for slight discrepancy in course length and conditions, this still is a significant run.

Jack Goodwin of FSU also went lose to the sub 24:00 in Boston in the Battle of Beantown match up.




Coast to Coast Battle in Beantown
ZXC 6 24:10.0 Jack Goodwin Florida State Uni
ZXC 27 24:35.0 Tom Purnell Harvard Uni
ZXC 94 25:36.3 Zak Seddon Florida State Uni
ZXC 103 25:40.8 Ben Sutherland Brown Uni
ZXC 9 17:15.1 Georgia Peel Florida State Uni
ZXC 34 17:42.9 Kathryn Gillespie Harvard Uni
Cowboy Jamboree
ZXC 25 26:00.8 Robbie Farnham-Rose Alabama Uni
ZXC 37 26:33.3 Matthew Fayers Oklahoma State Uni
ZXC 25 22:23.8 Abbie Hetherington Oklahoma State Uni
Panorama Farms Invitational
ZXC 16 24:23.8 Kevin Dooney Yale
ZXC 29 24:45.9 Zac Randall Oklahoma Uni
ZXC 45 25:05.9 Andrew Monaghan Mississippi State
ZXC 73 25:53.0 Patrick Monaghan Mississippi State
ZXC 1 16:45.9 Iona Lake Virginia Uni
ZXC 17 17:41.0 Rhianwedd Price Mississippi State
Roy Griak Invitational
ZXC 3 24:58.0 Michael Vennard Boise State Uni
ZXC 34 25:43.9 Rhys Park Boise State Uni
ZXC 69 26:19.9 Oliver Aitchison Adams State Uni
ZXC 1 20:53.8 Bethan Knights UC Berkeley
ZXC 65 22:56.1 Katy Wood Boise State Uni
Stanford Cross Country Invitational
ZXC 48 24:46.4 Ben Branagh San Jose State
ZXC 12 21:10.0 Jennifer Beckingham San Jose State
Texas A&M Invitational
ZXC 8 23:55 Ryan Creech Lamar (Unattached)
ZXC 12 23:58.9 Alex Dunbar Lamar Uni
ZXC 71 25:15.6 Sean Chalmers Lamar Uni
ZXC 77 25:19:00 Luke Betts McNeese State Uni
ZXC 78 25:22.2 Bradley Traviss McNeese State Uni
ZXC 104 26:05.7 Stuart Ferguson Lamar Uni
ZXC 3 20:34.5 Verity Ockenden Lamar Uni
ZXC 18 21:09.0 Gemma Bridge McNeese State Uni
ZXC 86 22:52.9 Rhian Dawes McNeese State Uni

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