British NCAA XC results weekend 16-18 October

Marc Scott wins in Wisco

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To summarise this weekends NCAA cross country action, we can basically regurgitate exactly the same facts as what we reported on two weeks ago:

- New Mexico (Great Britain) women dominate

- Marc Scott picks up the biggest win of his career to date

Yes, that is exactly what happened on Friday in Wisconsin at the biggest regular season meeting of the year. Starting with the mens race; Although always in contention with the leaders, a win seemed a tough ask with a group still together in the home straight. However, the strength of the distance runner triumphed over the middle distance speedsters as Tulsa’s Marc Scott produced an epic final kick to blast by the field in the final 100 metres. With 23 of the top 30 ranked teams competing at the meet, victory here sees the Yorkshireman in excellent form and likely to improve on his 14th place finish at nationals last year. With Edward Cheserek getting beaten at Pre-Nats on Saturday, could we potentially have a chance of a first British male winner in over 25 years?

On the womens side at the same meet, New Mexico’s British contingent were once again in fine form, with four British scorers finishing inside the top 10. This time it was European Cross champion Rhona Auckland who led the charge, with team-mates Calli Thackery, Alice Wright, and Molly Renfer following closely behind. Such was New Mexico’s dominance here, they will be heading to Kentucky in five weeks as heavily odds on favourites.

Asides from these two big stories, another great thing to see was just how many schools British athletes are now representing at these big meets. We counted 14 different teams just at Wisconsin, with many other competing at the other meetings over the weekend.

See below for all the weekends British results, please let us know if we missed any.


Wisconsin Adidas Invitational
1 23:35.0 Marc Scott Tulsa
17 23:51.8 Michael Vennard Boise State
21 23:53.5 Kieran Clements Iona
40 24:06.6 Jack Goodwin Florida State
55 24:13.7 Zak Seddon Florida State
85 24:22.8 Rhys Park Boise State
100 24:27.4 Tom Purnell Harvard
113 24:31.3 Liam Dee Iona
120 24:32.8 Matt Bergin New Mexico
139 24:41.4 Josh Kerr New Mexico
140 24:41.4 Jamaine Coleman Eastern Kentucky
149 24:44.3 Alex Dunbar Lamar
202 25:10.2 Sean Chalmers Lamar
241 26:26.7 Stuart Ferguson Lamar
243 26:45.9 Zac Randall Oklahoma
5 19:41.1 Rhona Auckland New Mexico
6 19:42.7 Calli Thackery New Mexico
7 19:43.8 Alice Wright New Mexico
10 19:55.5 Molly Renfer New Mexico
14 20:00.8 Elizabeth Bird Princeton
22 20:10.3 Iona Lake Virginia
61 20:35.6 Olivia Sadler Columbia
64 20:38.3 Verity Ockenden Lamar
72 20:42.9 Sarah Astin Virginia
98 20:58.0 Becky Straw Iowa State
100 20:58.7 Georgia Peel Florida State
114 21:07.7 Holly Archer SMU
140 21:22.4 Stacie Taylor Tulsa
148 21:25.4 Melissa Hawtin Iona
176 21:41.7 Kathryn Gillespie Harvard
218 22:12.1 Katy Wood Boise State
239 23:19.7 Molly Betmead Lamar
243 23:47.0 Justine Anthony SMU
244 23:54.1 Chelsea Jarvis Florida State
2 20:38.6 Emily Hosker Thornhill New Mexico
Pre-National Invitational
31 23:45.7 Alex Short San Francisco
35 23:47.9 Neil Gourley Virginia Tech
50 23:57.3 Alex George Arkansas
74 24:11.5 Matt Leach San Francisco
75 24:11.9 Michael Ward Bradley
87 24:15.3 Ryan Driscoll San Francisco
213 25:00.5 Edward Shepherd San Francisco
243 25:15.1 Luca Russo Missouri
8 24:13.9 Toby Loveridge Cincinnati
106 25:30.4 Harry Earl Eastern Kentucky
50 20:46.1 Charlotte Taylor San Francisco
56 20:52.1 Georgia Bell UC Berkley
140 21:22.4 Rosie Hiles Bradley
172 21:35.3 Ellie Atkinson Yale
59 22:56.2 Laura Riches Butler
159 22:56.5 Emma Gilmore Murray State
Crimson Classic
34 25:30.4 Declan McManus Belmont
46 25:42.6 Matthew Fayers Oklahoma State
50 25:45.1 Robbie Farnham-Rose Alabama
72 25:59.3 Bradley Traviss McNeese State
87 26:15.9 Andrew Monaghan Mississippi State
116 26:35.1 Luke Betts McNeese State
143 27:08.2 Oliver James McNeese State
16 17:34.9 Gemma Bridge McNeese State
24 17:41.2 Abbie Hetherington Oklahoma State
34 17:54.3 Lucy Crookes UAB
73 18:22.7 Rebecca Evans UAB
163 19:32.3 Rhian Dawes McNeese State
Inland Empire Challenge
2 23:57 Sam Atkin Lewis-Clarke State


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