Introducing trackboundLite - USA Athletics Scholarships

Introducing trackboundLite


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new and additional service to the recruiting side of our website; trackboundLite.


trackboundUSA began in 2011 simply to provide news, features, and resources on all things collegiate track and field. Then in 2013 we started a recruiting service as an additional arm to the website, whilst maintaining what we were already doing. So far the recruiting side of the site has worked well, though one of the main reasons for this is because we have been very selective on who we have taken on as athletes to help place. This was the result of NCAA regulations. Whilst this has its benefits, the major downside to this approach is that we often find ourselves turning away athletes who we would very much like to help. This is where trackboundLite comes in.

What is it?

Instead of actively recruiting for an athlete, trackboundLite is designed to provide athletes with the information that they need to either proceed with recruiting or continue with us onto trackboundPremium. During a recorded call with one of our experts, we will comprehensively explain how recruiting and the collegiate system works and what an athlete’s scholarship potential is. We will then provide individual written feedback with key points on how to make yourself more “recruitable”.

Who is it for?

trackboundLite caters for a far greater range of athletes than we have been able to help before. Basically, anyone who is interested in the US collegiate system and is seeking guidance on how it all works and what to do next. It is suitable for both athletes and parents.

What do I get?

For just £50, trackboundLite includes the following:

  • Recorded phone call at a time to suit you
  • Written feedback of your scholarship potential and tips on how to make yourself more recruitable
  • Free NCAA Recruiting Manual
  • Free technical t-shirt / SF voucher
  • Discounted price to upgrade to trackboundPremium

You can find out all about our packages here


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