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Cross Country Scholarships

Cross country scholarships with trackboundUSA

NCAA track and cross country head coaches will be looking for an athlete who fits their program’s needs at that given point. For a distance athlete, a coach with a full scholarship will be looking to avail of an athlete over the full three seasons – cross country, indoor track and outdoor track. This way, a full scholarship’s value will be spread over three season and give numerous opportunities for the athlete to score for the team.

Typically for an international scholarship athlete, you will be asked to attend pre-season training camp along with all other athletes during the month of August. The full NCAA cross country season doesn’t culminate until the end of November and it is very much removed from typical British cross-country. The hard, flat courses often play into the hands of the strong track runners and it is this versatility that many US coaches look for in their scholarship athletes.

It is rare for an athlete to be given a scholarship purely for cross country however. Unlike outdoor track events like Javelin which only have one season eligibility, a coach will expect the cross country athlete of being fully capable of competing in track events come summer.

If competing with some of the best athletes in the world sounds enticing to you, trackboundUSA’s recruiting service can enable that dream to become reality. We have extensive contacts with US universities and will use those to get you one of the best cross country scholarships.

Cross Country Scholarships
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