Our NCAA Scholarship Packages - trackboundUSA -

Our NCAA Scholarship Packages – trackboundUSA


Lite Package


  • Detailed assessment of your scholarship potential
  • Our guide; ‘How to Make Yourself More Recruitable’
  • Suitable for athletes, parents and coaches
  • Discounted Premium package upgrade
  • Free technical top in your size (RRP £25.99)


In conjunction with MoreMile

Premium Package


  • A unique recruiting solution
  • From application to boarding the plane
  • 100% success rate in placing athletes
  • On average, over 40+ hours spent on each application
  • Utilise our extensive knowledge, experience and contacts within the NCAA




Why do you have 2 packages?

Initially, we started out life with just one package; the full-fat version. While we had great success in placing dozens of athletes with NCAA schools, we felt many athletes who were in the research phase were missing out. Parents or coaches also might have questions too, and our low risk Basic package offers you the opportunity to explore your options without committing to the full recruiting process.