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Don’t just take our word for it. Read from some of our successfully placed athletes.

“I had been thinking about the US for a while but had no luck establishing contact with coaches on my own. As soon as I committed to trackboundUSA, doors started opening. I’d really recommend them.”

Tom Atkinson

“I would highly recommend trackboundUSA for anyone who is considering going to the states, but is unfamiliar with the process of applying and finding the right school. They were always available to give advice on different offers I received, and extremely helpful in finding the best place for me to go to pursue both my academic and athletic interests. Well worth it!”

Harry Fisher

“trackboundUSA greatly helped with directing and promoting my running background to a vast amount of DI and DII universities, giving me greater choices and opportunities than I would have myself. I wholeheartedly advocate this service for British and Irish athletes who are looking to compete in the NCAA. It really does open doors for you. I’m now settling into university life here at Boise Sate and loving it!”

Rhys Park

“trackboundUSA is a helpful way to access to some of America’s best universities. It has allowed my running to develop massively in the last year and gave me the opportunity to travel and whilst meeting some great people along the way. I would definitely recommend them for those wanting to progress as an athlete.”

Michael Vennard

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